Dr. Dre On 50 Cent: ‘I Never Heard Of His Headphones’

Dr. Dre50 Cent was sent off some controversy swirling tweets earlier this week, explaining that his bosses, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, were mad over the launch of his own premium headphones line, Sleek By 50 Cent.

“Jimmy Iovine and dre mad at me cause I’m doing sleek by 50. I guess I’m not going to be on detox Lol,” 50 wrote (@50Cent).

He even hinted at making a diss track, aimed at the pair. “Would you faint if I told you I just wrote a verse about jimmy and dre. Oh my god this is hard. This sh** gonna kill,” he said. “Em gonna have a heart attack when he hear this sh** damn lol.”

Although he posted a picture of himself with Jimmy later, was there a little truth to those tweets?

A TMZ cameraman caught up with the reclusive Dr. Dre on Tuesday (Febrary 15), outside Boa Steakhouse in Hollywood, and asked if he was angry at 50 Cent.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Dre said first, before the cameraman explained further.

“I never heard of his headphones,” Dre continued, before driving off in his white Bentley.

  1. I am glad to hear 50 cent & the rest of g-unot isn’t gonna be on Detox. 50 your a fool go ahead diss Dre. Your just fucking up your meal ticket. 50 your a fucking dumb nigga!! Plain & simple. I hope you get a fuck you & here’s your walking papers. Cuz as far as I am concerned 50 is wack. Take the rest of your wack nigga crew w/ ya!!!!

  2. fuck filthy-cent hill try and sell anything! im surprised he aint selling his own underwear!!

  3. Do you all REALLY think either of these guys care about losing a friendship over some god dam headphones? Are you kidding me! Do u know how much money these people have??? 50 could probably buy all the headphones manufactured for dre and vice versa and still have a mill in the bank.

    All you no good haters can suck a dirty nut! No one cares if you hate 50 or not. He’s rich bitch!

    “haters gonna hate” -Chad Ochocinco

  4. Dre’s my dude but anybody dare stand in my face and tell me this nigga is not on steroids is fucking kidding themselves.
    Ya heard me?

  5. P.s you know this reminds me of some shit i saw Tony Ya Yo talking about on You tube last week.He was comparing himself to game saying that his media shine might not be on high beams at the moment but that it was o.k that he lived a good life being a memeber of G unit.And that he could do like game and come out and talk shit about 50 and act stupid and that would put shine on his name for about 30 seconds.It just reminds of that because 5os shine at the moment is defiently no where near wankster and in da club days..But hes still making moves.is this nigga so desperate though he would he really even hint at beef between him and dre for a cheap ass 30 second TMZ story?Come on duke.Ya heard me?

  6. Hip hop needs this bad. 50 Has ruined a once promising career.His manufactured beef’s over the years have worn thin. Nobody listens or cares about it. This gives an opportunity for Dre to really fuil Detox. People are ready to jump on the I hate 50 band wagon. If Dre goes at him at all you know Eminem wil join Dre. No doubt about it. Eminem cannot get away with avoiding this one. If eminem and Dre go after 50 it would be great for hip hop. This would draw massive attention for Dre. Its important his album does well. No matter what you think of him everyone knows this. Its important for hip hop to still have relivant artist’s to continue. Dont pretend like hip hop doesnt feel like the hair band music did in the early 90’s. It could lose relivance. Eminem and Dre going after 50 would be a REAL beef. This needs to happen and Dre needs to start it.

  7. U neva gonna c Em going hard at 50 so get that out u mind ryt nw and move on….I bet both them nyikkas just counted another 100k into thier banks while u spent the last of data to post them bulsh** comments….50’s career dying is not gud 4 hip hop….r u nutz??? we need more careers to emeerge we dnt need any to diminish, get ur economiks strait b4 u post up anada comment…suckaz

  8. Tshp is right! You all are some hatin ass bitches. He did this to bring attention to both their headphones. 50 is younger than dre both in age and maturity. Dre is over talking-to the media and all that. 50 does this for free marketing. He is Proly laughing with dre and em on a beach somewhere counting the paper they made in the last 3 days. Quit hatin yall are some stupid people.

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