WAX: Don’t Need (Music Video)

By BallerStatus Staf  |  02/15/2011

This is a music video new Maryland rapper Wax, who recently located to Los Angeles. The rap newcomer is making some noise virally through a series of music which, which have garnered over 10 million views thus far, from low budget to self-filmed freestyles.

One of the funniest clips we peeped on his YouTube channel is of Wax filming a music video in a posh neighborhood in L.A. As he's rhyming in front of a Rolls Royce Phantom, with a curvy honey by his side, you notice actor Ryan Phillippe come out of the front door and scream "Get the f*** away from my car! What's going on?" Everyone scatters.

Just off that clip (see here), we had to see what was going on. Wax just dropped an animated video for a new song called "Don't Need", off his upcoming DJ Skee-hosted mixtape, Scrublife, set to drop next month.