Vibe Unveils ‘Pop Music’ Cover With Bruno Mars, B.o.B & Wiz Khalifa

For their February/March issue, Vibe will be dropping a new cover, dubbed “The New Pop Music,” featuring rising newcomers Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, and B.o.B.

The long-running urban mag just unveiled the cover, featuring the artist trio side-by-side, rocking all black, as the sit atop the pack of the new generation of music.

“You may not get why we are calling them ‘The New Pop Music’ but the truth is each of them has taken their own sound and infiltrated the masses thereby making them figures in popular culture and pop music,” Vibe explained of why these artists are the future. “Don’t front, you know you can turn to any Top 40 music station and hear their music.”

Wiz, Bruno, and B.o.B are all featured in the mag with in-depth interviews. Below are quotes, released at

WIZ KHALIFA: Potheads and hippies, we flock. We’re peaceful as hell. You don’t hear about my concerts getting shot up or people getting beat up because they was too high and turned into a weed monster.

BRUNO MARS: I’m a fan of young Elvis. And I’m a fan of the story, how he freaked out white America by doing this Black rock’n’roll. He would go onstage shaking his hips, and people were freaking out. They said, “You can’t film him from the waist down.” To me, that’s fucking awesome.

B.o.B: My loyalty is not to any corporation, my loyalty is to the music. That doesn’t mean that I don’t work with corporations, it doesn’t mean that I don’t sell music–it just means that first I’m an artist regardless of anything.

The new issue of Vibe hits newsstands February 22.

  1. Yayy! Bruno Mars is doing so well! He deserves it. He’s definitely going to be a part of the re-invention of music or the cycling back to GOOD music.

  2. ROTFLMAO…that cover reminds me of that old e-40 verse “I got a mirror in my pocket and i practice looking hard.Obvioulsy these three clowns had no mirror because that cover looks about as hard as warm ass butter..Ya heard me?

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