WaleAfter weeks of speculation and rumors, it’s official. Wale is the newest signee of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

Back in December, rumors began swirling of the deal, after the DC rapper tweeted a short message to his followers that read: “Maybach Music. It had to be done…”

Then, the blogs got heavy on the rumors, as Wale began surfacing at parties and appearances, alongside Ross.

Now, apparently, it’s official.

Wale appeared in a vlog series by the Miami rapper over the weekend, called “Maybach Music Super Bowl XLV Blog”. In one of the clips, Ross presents the rapper with a $44,000 black diamond Cartier watch, adding: “Wale, check this out. Welcome to Maybach Music. This is a token of…”

After Wale expresses his excitement, saying he’ll be rapping about it in a song soon.

Wale was previously signed to Interscope Records, releasing his debut album, Attention Deficit, in November 2009. Despite heavy promotion and a lead single boasting pop superstar Lady Gaga, the album failed to live up to sales expectations.

One of the rapper’s gripes with Interscope was that he was pressured to create radio-friendly songs that he didn’t stand behind, artistically. One probably being the Lady Gaga-assisted single.

“Now I can do songs like shades, ambitious girl and not fear a ‘man in a chair’ saying, ‘This aint what black people wanna hear,'” Wale wrote on Twitter, Sunday (February 6), referring to his favorite tracks his debut.

In a December interview with The Source, Ross revealed his interest in signing Wale to Maybach Music, along with Philly rapper Meek Millz, during which he said Wale was just a song away from breaking out.

“Wale is a hustler,” Ross said. “I feel he’s one record away from being the next n****. He’s just a naturally fly n****. Slick talking n****. That’s right up my alley. I just think that camaraderie, riding with Rozay, it’ll mean that much more. I feel he’s one record away. As well as Meek Millz.”

Wale is still under contract with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, who will continue to act as his management.

In addition to the artist signings, Maybach Music is rumored to be at the center of a bidding war before several major labels — including Sony, Warner Bros. and Interscope Records.

At press time, it’s unknown how close a deal is to being signed.