Layzie Bone Clarifies Alleged Disses To President Obama

Layzie BoneAs he gears up for the release of two new albums — The Definition and The Meaning — later this month, Layzie Bone has been at the center of some controversy over a track on an recently leaked, unauthorized mixtape in which he appears to have made some controversial remarks regarding President Obama and his current policies on the prison system.

On the track “Doin’ Life,” off a mixtape titled Thug Luv, the rapper spits: “I been lookin at the world from a whole ‘nother angle, since you’ve been gone/ seein’ how penitentiary’s a big business and the President doin’ us wrong.”

Despite how his bars sounds, Layzie tells HipHopDX in a recent interview that the song was dated, and wasn’t meant for Obama at all, but rather former President George Bush.

“I gave [the Thug Luv] to like five years ago, when my brother [Flesh-N-Bone] was locked up. It’s really not enough being done to rehabilitate people coming out,” the rapper explained.

“Obama wasn’t even in office yet. That was directed towards the Bush administration. Flat out.”

When asked about hip-hop’s tendency to “fight the power” and the conflict that may bring with the first black president, Layzie went on to say: “I think we should support any ‘first black’ situation, because he did open up the door for a lot of our issues to be heard that wasn’t heard. Of course, I support him all day. As long as he ain’t doing no Bush sh**. I see more good than I see anything wrong he doing.”

Layzie’s upcoming albums, The Definition and The Meaning, are set to hit stores February 22.

  1. Where’s the controversy at? Are people not allowed to critize the president now? This is the United States right? The same United States that was founded on the means of being free to express yourself and views openly without fear of retaliation? Is it because the President is Black and rappers or other blacks aren’t supposed to ride on him or his policies? Even if the track was aimed at the Bush Administration, why would there be any controversy? People need to wake the hell up, particularly blacks and those who feel the need to defend Obama and his agenda. If you support him, support him, but if someone is critical of his leadership that’s their opinion. No controversy here, just a bunch of keyboard gangstas and fake gossip bloggers tryin’ to make a story outta something that isn’t even newsworthy.

  2. I agree with Corey L. This was a wasted story. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  3. I agree,the man have a point and that song they talking about is on bone brothers album check the song lockdown love it was out way before obama took office.

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