Former Child Actor, Norman Golden, Sets Sights On Rap World As “Enormus”

Norman Golden with Burt Reynolds

Actor-turned-Rapper Norman “Enormus” Golden making moves for the New Year

Since his days as a child actor, starring in films like Cop And A Half alongside Burt Reynolds, Norman Golden II has been setting his sights to new heights — and new sounds.

One of his passions has always been music.

“I came from a creatively expressive family on the music side,” Golden told “I grew up with a family of singers and musicians.”

It’s no surprise that he has taken on the transition from actor to embrace the musical talent he has been accustomed to during his upbringing.

His first album Seeds Vol. 1 Pick of the Litter, which debuted in 2006, contains lyricist-type lines mixed in with unique hooks. Calling himself “Enormus”, which alludes to his first name, he feels that this alias refers to more than just physical capacity.

“I want to be a bigger inspiration to people,” Golden said. “I want to help and be a part of change.”

Does he consider himself a lyricist? Well, Norman says that while he would like to write about having a good time, it’s more about what he chooses to write about and how he presents it in his music.

“The power of spoken word is unbelievable,” Golden said. “I do consider myself a lyricist.”

Since making the leap from child actor to rapper, Norman has shared the stages with the likes of legends like Herbie Hancock, the Wu-Tang Clan, and one another composer who had worked with Miles Davis, Coltrane, and others.

Instead of hopping on any stage he can get on, Norman wants to do more meaningful shows like those.

Right now, Golden is preparing for three upcoming shows, one of them where he’d be opening for KRS-One.

As far as his days of acting goes, Norman remembers stars like Ruby Dee, Oprah, and of course, Burt Reynolds, well.

“Being able to be surrounded by legends is humbling and mind-boggling,” he admits, and says he is “thankful for the opportunity.”

With a TV show and a movie in the works, Golden seems to have a lot on his plate. He also happens to be a screenwriter, enabling him to come up with a TV show that will, in a way, portray his life, career transitions, and the various challenges he faced.

The movie, on the other hand, is something he describes as “a mixture of X-Men meets Robocop meets James Bond,” and include a cast featuring people of color.

On the music side, as Enormus, he’s currently working on a mixtape, plans to release his second album in spring or Summer of this year. As an independent artist, he has to do all the work himself.

“I’ll be ready for a full-length album in 2012,” he revealed.

When asked what he’d say to other aspiring artists, advice-wise, Golden says staying true to one’s self is one of the most important things.

“You can do things, but never compromise who you are as an artist,” he said. “And when people tell you that you can’t do something, thank them and then prove them wrong.”

For more info on Norman Golden, aka Enormus, visit him on MySpace at

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