Download: The Game – Purp And Patron (Mixtape)

Game - Purp and Patron

Game - Purp and PatronIt’ll be coming up on two years since The Game first revealed he was preparing the R.E.D. Album back in 2009, and with no release date in sight, the rapper continues to feed the streets and his fanbase with free music while they wait.

On Monday (January 24), Game dropped his latest mixtape, Purp and Patron, a double-disc effort put together alongside longtime collaborator DJ Skee and Funkmaster Flex.

The 29-track release features guest appearances from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, Ashanti, Lil Boosie, Fabolous, Jim Jones, and Dr. Dre, among others.

In the past year, Game has dropped other mixtapes prior to Purp and Patron. In April, he released The Red Room, and four months later, followed with Brake Lights, both helmed by DJ Skee.

Download the new mixtape over at

Below is the tracklist and credits:

“L.A Times” (produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
“In My ’64” – f. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (produced by The Neptunes)
“Soo Woo” – f. Lil Wayne (produced by Bink)
“Living Better Now” – f. Detail & Tools (produced by DJ Shake)
“R.I.P Story” – (produced by Nottz)
“Purp & Patron” – f. Sam Hook, Menace & TD (produced by DJ Shake)
“I’m the King (Remix)” – f. Mistah FAB & The Jacka (produced by 1500 Or Nothin’)
“Taylor Made” – f. Wiz Khalifa (produced by Che Vicious)
“Children’s Story” – (produced by Ervin “EP” Pope)
“Dead” – (produced by 1500 Or Nothin’)
“Ferrari Lifestyle” – f. Fabolous – Produced by D.A Dorman
“The Kill” – produced by Cool & Dre
“Heart Breaker” – f. Rev Burke – produced by RZA
“Purp & Yellow (SKEETOX Remix)” – f. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa

“Burn NY” – f. Mysonne (produced by City Mike)
“Bad Intentions” – (produced by DJ Shake)
“Khaki Suit” – (produced by T-Pain)
“Wonderful World” – (produced by DJ Shake)
“Ashed to Ashes” – f. Rick Ross
“Dedicated” – f. Pharrell (produced by the Neptunes)
“Soft Rhodes” – f. Ashanti (produced by Dr. Dre)
“I Just Want to F***” – (produced by Denaun Porter)
“187” – f. Lil Boosie
“Whip It d. Fabulous – produced by DJ Haze
“Favorite DJ (Remix)” – f. Clinton Sparks, Jim Jones (produced by Green Lantern)
“Supastar” – f. Ashley Cole & Mike Epps (produced by Evin “EP” Pope)
“Can A Drummer Get Some” – f. Travis Barker, Swizz Beats, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross
“History” – f. Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane, KRS One (produced by “EP”)
“The Ocean” – f. Dr. Dre (produced by Dr Dre and Che Vicious)

  1. I think some of the tracks could been left off it, nigga need to get back to his Westcoast roots but overall, my opinion, not a bad mixtape!

  2. this is better than any mixtape ive heard n the last 2 years game done cameback

  3. Personally, I hated everything Game came out with since the Documentary, but this right here is the shit. Yo, the boy came back like he had something to prove and its a garaunteed banger.


  5. lame game no release date on his album now a mix tape i thk he lost it trully

  6. smh @J-Smooth talkin bout
    “artificial gangster”
    how come Game wasnt “artificial” back when The Documentary came out and it had that dvd with it and every “organic/all natural” gangster in Cali from T Rodgers to Billboard aka 4Bent(RIP)was co-signin the nigga and ridin dicks like a Dyno???
    now cause he told these broke
    pan-handlin ass niggaz
    “Get Out My Pocket And Go Fish” he gotta be artificial huh???
    stfu and go fist pump to your
    Bigfase 100 deluxe box set nigga..
    you sound crabcakes & jelly just like that nigga bitch..

  7. Its all i want 2 hear right now Purp n Yellow im slapin like fake nuccas u know what it iz Lakers 3peat. My Steelers are so hood Superbowl champs i hope had ta throw it up Black n Yellow Black n Yellow$$$$

  8. This mixtape iz missin 10 tracks he didnt put on sum of them bangers its all hood i got emm $$$$

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