Juelz Santana’s New Jersey Studio Raided, Skull Gang Member Arrests

Juelz SantanaJuelz Santana’s New Jersey recording studio was raided by police on Thursday (January 20), resulting in the arrest of one of the rapper’s associates, MC Hynief.

Hynief, who is a member of Juelz’ Skull Gang group, was reportedly arrested on drug charges after a search of Juelz’ recording studio in Bergenfield, New Jersey turned up marijuana and weapons.

The Skull Gang rapper (real name: Toby M. Raynor) was taken into custody and charged with two counts of distribution of a controlled substance.

“Two fully loaded 9mm caliber handguns were found in the recording studio along with several boxes of ammunition,” Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson Maureen Parenta said in a statement.

“Additionally, seventeen (17) small clear zip-lock bags each containing a greenish brown vegetation, consistent with the appearance of Marijuana, and drug paraphernalia were seized.”

Apparently, the raid was executed following a ten-month-long investigation, beginning when Hynief allegedly sold marijuana to an undercover cop on two occasions last summer, in June and July.

Hynief was held on $50,000 bail, but Juelz tweeted (@thejuelzsantana) on Saturday (January 22) that the rapper had been freed. “A! @HYNIEFSKULLGANG bailed out #whoooaaaaa,” he wrote.

Due to the arrest, Juelz missed a scheduled performance in Chicago, which he apologized for on Twitter.

At press time, when Hynief is due back in court was unknown.

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