David Banner To Be Inducted Into Mississippi Musician Hall of Fame

David BannerIn a private ceremony being held in Jackson, Mississippi on Wednesday evening (January 19), rapper David Banner is among a select number of artists being inducted into the Mississippi Musician Hall of Fame (MMHF).

“For so long, we travel around the world as artists trying to find our place in the scheme of things. There is nothing like being recognized at home,” Banner said of the honor. “Tonight I am honored and humbled to be in great musical company.”

The MMHF is located in the Jackson-Evers International Airport, at the On Stage Restaurant.

This year, it is celebrating 15 years of service as an organization founded in the state of Mississippi to promote music and its artists. It is the author of the trademarked slogan “Mississippi, Birthplace of America‚Äôs Music,” which is used in publications by the Department of Tourism, and is now at every highway entrance into the state of Mississippi and in all welcome centers.

For more info, visit MSMusic.org.

Pastinductees have included: B.B. King (Itta Bena, Ms), Muddy Waters (Rolling Fork, Ms), Faith Hill (Star, Ms), Howlin Wolf (White Station, Ms), Jimmy Buffett (Pascagoula, Ms), Elvis Presley (Tupelo, Ms) and Lance Bass (Laurel/Clinton, Ms).

In 1999, as a member of the Mississippi rhyme duo Crooked Lettaz, David Banner became part of the southern rap revolution. Along with his rap partner Kamikaze, they released their critically acclaimed debut album, Grey Skies, via Tommy Boy Records. A year later, Banner released Them Firewater Boys Vol. 1, and XXL magazine named it one of the best albums of the year.

Four years after starting with Kamikaze, David Banner went solo in 2003, releasing his critically acclaimed debut, Mississippi: The Album. He later went on to release four successful albums, spawning hit singles such as “Get Like Me”, “Play”, “Like A Pimp”, and “Cadillac on 22’s”.

Most recently, in December 2010, Banner dropped his most recent project, Death Of A Pop Star, a joint effort between himself and producer 9th Wonder. Accompanying the album was the first installment of their comic strip. For more info, visit DeathOfAPopStar.com.

  1. I like Banner but @ComeTestMe…I say the same shit…..for what??

  2. I hate to say it but agree with yall above. that nigga ain’t done shit and I live right here in Sippi with that nigga. He is non-existent even around here. Don’t nobody like dat nigga musis round here and he neva was no gangster rapper. he pay off the DJ’s at the radio stationo to play his bullshit. the nigga lame mane. all thos so-called “hits” are misses and all the videos to em are wack as hell. he is a poor representation foe us in Sippi mane. niggas round here bump Gucci Mane more than him.

  3. Good for him! I don’t know much about David Banner and haven’t heard from him in awhile, but hey, if he earned it, good for him!

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