Dr. Dre Finally Announces ‘Detox’ Release Date

Dr. DreCan it be? Really? Has Detox finally received a release date? Yes, if what Dr. Dre recently said via a Twitvid is right.

After a decade of waiting on the mythical album from the good doctor, it seems as though fans can stop holding their breath and exhale, because a release date has finally been announced.

While Blaze plugged his artist Saigon’s project in a recent video clip, he then revealed the news about Dre’s Detox by letting Dre, himself, give the word.

“You know what album’s coming out on February 15 (Saigon’s Greatest Story Never Told), but then guess what else comes out,” Just Blaze said, before turning the camera to reveal Dr. Dre, who says: “Bow bow, 4/20, baby. 4/20, I’m comin’.”

So, there you have it, Detox is coming on the national weed smokers’ holiday!

However, 4/20 is a Wednesday, a day after the traditional Tuesday release in the U.S. When asked why Dre opted to miss a day of the sales week, Just Blaze explained with a tweet.

“We talked about that. [I’m] sure the publicity and hype of the date release would make up for the lost day,” he wrote (@JustBlaze).

Despite the video revelation, Dre and/or his label has yet to officially announce the date the traditional ways — his website, Twitter page (@DrDre), and/or Facebook pages.


  2. “Started this gangster shit and this the mutha fucking thanks i get?” Dre i hear ya big homie 4/20 release date..no doubt

  3. I don’t give a damn about Dre. You don’t starve your fans homie. You feed your fans. After time, they move on. Niggas is 15 years older and shit. Fuck off.

  4. “Give me one more platinum track and Fuck Rap you can have it back!” Dre don’t have to do shit. He’s expressed his hate with haters claiming “Dre fell off”. Who gives a shit? He don’t have to make another album if he don’t want to. I’m a huge Dre fan, but I’m not anticipating his new album. If/when it drops, I’ll be there for him. Besides ‘Kush’ is a sick ass track. Besides he’s got a obstacle with the hip hop industry today. Listen to the unreleased track on youtube ‘Syllables’ with Dre, Eminem, Jay Z, 50 Cent. They break down the current status of the hip hop world. If that’s true, i wouldn’t release the album until hip hop was truly was ready.

  5. shit i been waitinf for this for ever its worth the wait dr dre is the best there ever did this shit

  6. Everyone needs to understand that the doctor is so sick he only needs to release one album per decade when all other artist have to release multiple albums in a year. Think about it. Chronic 2001 is one of the best albums ever and it’s still selling.

  7. To The DOC. Dre Iv not only have been what we say a Non stop Fan,but because My family and my self, we come from music.We are inluv with sonds of music.Hey but dont Trip on the Negitive broke ass people who become impatiant.You that well never see astatiut of a critict. ha ha..let it be more fuel to inspire me homie and the Gagster Hip Hop Artiest that im working, n just Manging him with in Southern Cali.Your work is Inspirational. Give me and the Chance,!for Us to be invited to work one Day side by side and Hear him with your Capabilites ? He got swagern hes got Work Ehtic,Consistncy as well as the Attitude.Hes Latino from San Diego.We b there in a Hot Minute.Hopfuly you reed this yourself, if not Could you atleast pass Foward, this Spacific messsage to him.In last 2years we Hustled his first album in 40 cities All on the Western part of U.s Just-under 10,000 unites!his only album,We were both Homless sleeping in his Truck.If you can even imagine a Year of Him Wrighting about his day to day struggles with the street life. Strieght G real hood.But knows his place on a professional Level.Hes Real cool.Hes my Younger Brother. I do Belive in him.Im sayin he Could be worth someone to look into? Homeboys Jock him an Ladys love him.Very Creative, 5 years rec expeariance.Fun to watch.At the moment workin on second album. Like a New player on a Team. Im Mikee-Mike. Thats my email if posible may we be in contact. I made his Bio-Press Kit.We gota set an Oppointment wid the Doc to meet my boy,bcz hes already with it.ha ha any qustions dont hesatate. I look foward to it and the realease of drop date in March 2011.With all repects thank you Gracias.P.S HE RIMS IN ENGLISH AN E nough spanish to like him!

  8. haters everywhere you little bitchs you mad because you found out your woman got dick and you caught ur dad sucking on it while your mom was watching bitch as nigg@s

  9. You guys are idiots. 2 Albums? Did you guys forget about Em, 50, Game…enough said. Dre is the top producer in the game and has innovated hip hop like few others. There’s something to be said for albums with 15 songs that are all top notch…unlike these other fake artists putting out 12 albums in 3 years with 3 good tracks. Keep it real.

  10. Yea just wait till the album drops and your on his d*ck you hatin ass nobody! Can’t believe you even write stupid things like this. The man makes the best rap in the game and you want to come through talkin trash like he deprived you? Be thankful he is even still here making music and we are not stuck with crap like soja boy and Rick ross. Ya dirty bum! Get Ur mind straight retard!

  11. about time this is going to be the hardest album of the year. bring rap back all this club shit is getting old.everyone wearing this fucking skinney jeans that don’t fit ppl. fags. the beats ar going to be fucking sick.

  12. you can’t rush greatness. so everybody wait, and YES YOU DUMBFUCKS IT IS COMING OUT. Because he put out an OFFICIAL video on youtube Detox. so eevryone, just be ready to throw away your skinny’s and put on your baggy jeans ight? Everyone pull off those stupid plugs out yo ears and be prepared.

  13. The West is ready to take it’s place back at the top of hip hop and when Dre drops…it will be like an A-bomb!

    There is alot riding on this albums release…thas why it’s taking so long.

  14. you all sad pricks get a life you peices of shit or go and get high u filty virgins :D

  15. If Dr.Dre does release Detox, is his fan base still around to listen?

    We all by now are tired of the talk-up and hype of this supposed *SUPER ALBUM*!

    But really Dre? C’mon Son!

  16. Dr. Dre Never not once claimed to be a rapper, he is a producer. so everyone who says that they have been waiting 10+ years to hear something from dre need to relize that he has been putting out a whole lot of music, in that time period. This album is one of the most anticipated albums of all time, it will prolly sell over 3 million in the first week. so think about it, dre is doing something right. and this goes to all the fans out there who think, ohh shit the best rapper is the one who puts out an album every year and a mixtape every other week. that dosnt mean talent that means that you are rushing your work, dre is a perfectionist. any real musician would understand where he is coming from

  17. DRE AM WAITING FOR YA!! cant wait till 4/20 fuck all these haters!!!!

  18. Seriously, people are real stupid if they think dre owes u some sort of explanation. He is not only a GREAT rapper, but he started all the greats from today, he is a producer, and a rapper, and he owes none of u shit. If u really call urself a fan, u wont care when its released, and appreciate it when it is here, cus im sure, it will be the sickest album out, not like those wannabes who have only a one hit wonder, or a couple good songs on the entire album. Its a bout quality within quantity with dre, and u cant rush greatness! he gives his 100% into every track, and does not put his shit out, untill its 100% quality for his fans. so for u people that claim o u used to be fans, u, no, and u dont deserve all the hard work he has put out into it anyways, so go on and keep walkin, u nobody!

  19. yall need to understand, Dre has soo many other artists to do beats for, and along the last 10 yrs he has been giving his best work to his up and coming artists so they can have hot beats to blow up to… everything good that he has made since 2000 that would have been good enough to go on his detox album, has been given to his other artists. Dre is very very very picky with the beats and songs he puts on his own albums so he has been savin the best for last. Plus yall gotta understand his son died a little while back and that completely screwed him up and he hasnt been in the creative state of mind in a little while… now that he is getting past that, he feels its his time to finally drop the last album of his dynasty. he has been building something that will last once he finally leaves for good. over the years. just solidifying the fact he is and always be one of the greats in this industry.

  20. obviously ur no dre fan. 2 albums of complete gold. Also, everybody who’s a dre fan will wait till that day. Detox will sound amazing through my powerbeats. Complete genius dre.

  21. In the words of the West Coast King……”I dont need to make another bitch, I aint gotta do shit! I do it because I want to, not to stay in the game , FUCK the fame, Im still stayin the same lil bitch!!”
    Hello ;)

  22. ill wait as long as i live for detox.. shit is gon be wit it.. west west yall!!

  23. HATER – Dre is an original! You know as soon as this album comes out, youll be first in line to buy it.
    Its dope as hell! Way to go Dre

  24. The store gonna be like what the fuck there all gonna be high when buying his album ahaha but yah excited hope it comes out

  25. The store gonna be like what the fuck there all gonna be high when buying his album ahaha but yah excited hope it comes out

  26. okay.. HMMM what the FUCK!! its now april 23 and guess what?? NO FREAKING ALBUM is released yet.. what the hell is going on.. i have googled it a hundred times and still cant find out what happen?

  27. Dre is going to drop this shit and it will be the sickest shit ever, if you people cant wait then go get that black and yellow crap and be happy. All you fucks up here talking shit how many of you a rappers oh that right none so FUCK OFF and let the man do his shit

  28. haters gonna hate. especially when they get their feelings hurt bcuz the music they like is denounced as garbage by the man who CONCEIVED TO THE GENRE!

  29. This album is going to be like Guns&Roses Chinnesse Democracy. A dissapointment

  30. well 4-20 came and went but no dre man its all a joke least rock and country artist know when there albums come out lol

  31. for dre i’ll wait 2 more years dude… plus he is fucking runnin aftermath… 2 albums plus eminem plus 50 plus all those detroit cats… and he even had artists like busta rymes on his label… and the man has time to make his own reccords?  He lost his son recently too bro give the boss a break.

  32. for dre i’ll wait 2 more years dude… plus he is fucking runnin aftermath… 2 albums plus eminem plus 50 plus all those detroit cats… and he even had artists like busta rymes on his label… and the man has time to make his own reccords?  He lost his son recently too bro give the boss a break.

  33. Dr Dre killed hip hop ,everboby is waiting for Detox man listen , Dr Dre can work with people who can rhyme like snoop an others, but when it comes to people who got lyrics or talent he sucks ,look at the firm with Nas,Foxy ,Nature, Az and Coremega that shit was wack, also look at the  song with LL cool Jay ,again as i said man listen how do you not work with Michael Jackson when he was alive or how do you let Rakim go, Rakim the lyrical master. All the bullshit dre been through with gangster rap ,his son and Suge Knight, him and stupid ass Ice Cube go back to that same ole gangster shit, Grow the fuck up ,How can you do a song Been there done that, its like a dog going back to its own vomit. If Detox do come out its the same ol shit just new beats, then dres dumb ass will say i only like to work with new artist, what an idoit. Real hip hop heads want to hear you and Rakim and dont tell him to kill on music leave that gangster bullshit alone. PEACE OUT    

  34. too true,i was waitin for this now i dont give a fuck, im not buying it on principle, who does he think he is to keep hinting and bullshitting his own fans, fuck u dre. Im no hater, i hate ass holes only

  35. Ohhhhh ur gonna look like such an idiot once it does come out

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