Jim Jones Involved In ‘Very Bad’ Accident In Atlanta, But Is Ok

By Allen Starbury  |  01/17/2011

Jim Jones car accidentDipset capo, Jim Jones, was reportedly involved in a serious car accident early Monday (January 17) in Atlanta, which resulted in his vehicle being totaled.

While details about the accident are sketchy, a photo surfaced online, emailed to Miss Info (MissInfo.tv) from the rapper directly, showing the entire front end of a small tour torn apart from the impact.

It appears the accident took place on a freeway.

"Just had a very bad accident pray for us," Jones tweeted (@JimJonesCapo) early Monday.

It the photo Jones emailed to Miss Info, he wrote: "Just walked away from this [crash]. God bless us."

At press time, it was unclear if Jones was alone or with others.

However, he seems to have walked away with little to no injury.