Game Hospitalized After Smashing Guitar At Music Video Shoot

Game cut fingerGame had to make a trip to the hospital late Thursday night (January 13) after smashing a guitar during the filming of a music video for “Purp and Yellow,” his version of Wiz Khalifa’s hit “Black and Yellow”.

While on the video’s set in downtown Los Angeles, the Compton rapper slammed a guitar to the floor during the filming of one of the vid’s scenes, much like a rock star would do during a performance on stage.

But, during the stunt, a piece of the instrumental slipped into Game’s finger, causing a laceration and an abundance of blood to follow, as seen in photos the rapper shared on Twitter (@TheGame).

According to TMZ, Game went to the hospital where he received several stitches to mend the wound.

“So this was my night,” the rapper wrote on Twitter after the evening had passed. “Shot purp & yellow video wit @snoopdogg @djskee @mattbarnes & @ronartest

“Then the homie @shannonbrown came through”

“Then I cut my f#ckin hand up !!!! & it was alot worse then this picture

“Then I went to the hospital & got that stitched up ASAP !!!! [sic],” Game concluded in a series of tweeted accompanied by pics.

Game was fine, and went home, and was back to the work the very next day.

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