Gucci Mane’s New Ice Cream Cone Tattoo: Dope Or Fail?

By Allen Starbury  |  01/13/2011

Gucci Mane tattoo

Some rappers, like Pharrell and 50 Cent, have went out of their way to remove their tattoos as they continue to move into higher levels in their careers, but others just keep getting more.

Birdman got his whole head inked with huge red stars, Lil Wayne got some glow in the dark pieces adorned on his neck and face, and Gucci Mane is the latest to get some new, permanent art tattooed onto his body.

The Atlanta rapper walked into the Tenth Street Tattoo shop in his hometown to get tatted by artist/owner Shane Willoughby. When he was done, Gucci walked out with a three-scoop ice cream cone, marked with the word "brrr" on it, inked onto the side of his face.

Woah? What do you think? Dope or a major fail?