Gucci Mane’s New Ice Cream Cone Tattoo: Dope Or Fail?

Gucci Mane tattoo

Some rappers, like Pharrell and 50 Cent, have went out of their way to remove their tattoos as they continue to move into higher levels in their careers, but others just keep getting more.

Birdman got his whole head inked with huge red stars, Lil Wayne got some glow in the dark pieces adorned on his neck and face, and Gucci Mane is the latest to get some new, permanent art tattooed onto his body.

The Atlanta rapper walked into the Tenth Street Tattoo shop in his hometown to get tatted by artist/owner Shane Willoughby. When he was done, Gucci walked out with a three-scoop ice cream cone, marked with the word “brrr” on it, inked onto the side of his face.

Woah? What do you think? Dope or a major fail?

  1. Am I’m really seeing the reality of the Boondocks! These negros is out thier minds! That’s crazy! I understand getting tattoo in the face because I seen people on the pacific islands before with tats and also in africa some tribes have tats on the face too, but come on! A ice cream cone,a butter fly,stars, this shit is crazy. Are yall the mark of the beast? This is why other cultures don’t respect us!And i’m having a hard time defending black culture. Yall, negros is ill, yall , forgot we have a black president now! pull your pants up and act right! Yall are the definition what a nigga is!

  2. I guess niggaz like him goin baq animal…no thinking
    watever comes up u go it..pfff retarded..i knew something wrong wit
    him,nigga bought a ferrari didnt even know how to start it lmaoo

  3. A bully wit fully A defintion Of a nigga is lol!!!! I like
    that yea I like Gucci but he went too far on that ish tho but if
    you got millions of dollars what will you do I know what i will do
    not that lol!!!! im out

  4. Man is these niggas stupid or what, first a damm star on
    the top of haead a ugly ass nigga then this clown ass nigga with a
    damm ice cream cone on his fuckin face, man that shit worse than
    the Game’s Butterfly gay shit….man these clowns do this shit as
    they think its a fad and trying to set trends..this is one trend I
    think is dumb as hell!!

  5. He has really lost all of his mind. He’s already not one of
    the nicest looking men and he’s only making the situation worst!!!!
    Get it together Gucci!!!!

  6. Just like tattoo randy…crossbones and
    icecreame..”Brrrrrr” ice-creams…nottin’ but icy’ 2ME. But gucci
    got dat dope…mega dope tasty!! Holla @ ya boi wefferbear on
    twitter…brrrrrrrrr” NIGERIAN DREAM.

  7. he looks more ugly lol. And Bully wit fully, i understand
    you mad but dont call us negros ok you sound more ignorant than
    gucci looks smh

  8. U are so dumb, u are really dumb…4real!!!!..(n my Antwan
    Dotson voice)….I mean, an icecream cone Gucci!?!?!?…I really
    hope tht ths is a stunt to really look insaine so tht ya probation
    dnt get revoked & tht ur gna hv it removed once ur in the

  9. Th@ shit probably hurt like a mufucka. He probably was so
    high outta his mind he didn’t fell a thing tho.

  10. I think its a epic fail like wtf was going on in his head..and a ICE CREAM CONE!? like come on now what happen? That’s not rite its like lil wayne getting a damn hello kitty on his face but let me shut up be4 lil wayen get ideas but u can tell Gucci mane was high when he got that and on top of that he added Harry Potter lighting bolts to it….like I said its a epic fail but who knows imma end up seeing a lot of dudes with it but I know im not getting it

  11. I’m a die hard Gucci fan and I support his music even when others say it’s trash but (in my Kat Williams voice) This shit right here nigga… This shit right here… IS GARBAGE!

  12. This is straight up the absolute GAYEST fcuking tattoo I have ever seen in my life.. WTF is he doing, trying to get little boys to lick his ugly face or some sh*t??

    LMFAO what an idiot.. Seriously, Never have seen a worse tattoo.. Might as well of just got a huge dick inked on his ugly face..

  13. that is the stupidest shit i have ever seen he might has
    well have put a penis on his face they should have never gave you
    niggas money!!!!!!!

  14. I don’t see the big deal. He so black, you won’t be able to
    see it anyways. You would have to flash a 400 watt lamp on the
    nigga to even see it. Go to Venice Beach and you’ll see a guy that
    tatted “Jesus H Christ” on his forehead. Now thats crazy!

  15. These dudes is going to regret them tattoos on their face
    and head.They got to realize your not going to be young forever. if
    they make it to a older age they are going to look like fools. I
    hope people do not hop on this bandwagon. like jay-z said “most
    rappers are just weird”.

  16. If this tattoo is real. This brother seriously needs to get
    help and some new support people in his circle and on his team. No
    one down with him should let him mutilate himself without trying to
    stop him. During slavery black men were branded (tattooed)against
    their will, like cattle to show which slave master they belonged to
    and now they are paying thousands of dollars for this nonsense. Not
    to mention this tattoo is whack as hell. Read a book!

  17. AHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHA what a fucking moron, this just made my
    day! Thank you gucci…. what a sack of shit

  18. @Whitey, i agree wit you a hundred per get the fuck outta here you racist. White people do ignorant stuff like bombing churches, that kills 4 little girls, burning crosses, and kissing dogs(thank you michael vick). And i was just wondering @PHILADELPHIA, are you really @Philly-O

  19. last time i checked nazi’s had the two thunder bolts infinite life infinite power i see he also got a big EA sports I’m guessing. He did say he was crazy or flat doesn’t give a bleep what you or I think thats how he rolls

  20. I am a proud Black older male and I tease my wife at times by saying,”some of us are scared of some of us!!” Wow would hate to run into Gucci Mane in a lighted alley, let alone dark. We as Blacks must respect ourselves and our Black heritage. Too many Blacks have died for our freedom, to just abuse it.

  21. Nope, he ain’t me. My name is Philly-O, but Philly’s not the city I rep.



  24. Man, this tattoo is so trill! Yall just hatin cus ya can’t afford nothin like this! Once I get caked up Ima get tatted up just like Gucci! Burrr

  25. yo….since everyone covered the pros and cons of having an ice cream cone on your face i’ll ask the real question. is that an EA sports tattoo on his neck? either way he looks like a corpse in both of these pictures. awesome job on the electrified frozen dairy product face tattoo shit homie.

  26. @ straight up g I’m a tattoo fanatic I currently have 21 tatts but that tatt on his face is wack to the 5th power your tatts are suppose to represent something what the fuck does a 3 scoop icecream cone wit brrrrrr on the cone represent. Anyone out there know please tell me.

  27. I mean 50 had some of the greatest tats ever and wayne’s glow in the dark tats were pretty dope but gucci WOW!all that ink in one place most def of your face well have you seen the other tats gucci got they dope but gucci was right he had no where eles to put it but still NOT,NOT,NOTTTTTTTTTTTT,ON YOUR FACE

  28. First off im an artist the work in its self is garbage I dont understand folks got money and will spend it on alot of stuff their not gonna have for the rest of there life how u gonna be cheap and get garbage work this is the only thing u can take with u when u go and folks look for a deal shows what kinda people they really r hey Gucci ill fix ur tatts when ur ready


  30. they say i look like him…hell naw… this nigga done did wit his face…..this shyt stoopid like him…lmmfao….he is so retarded…but hey ppl thats him and his fukkd up face…..again lmmfao

  31. fuck you Gucci!!!WTF his on your face,ice cream,dude that dont make any sense,you got make money like jay z,diddy and kanye,and stop scaring your fans cos they are all you have,,,brrrr,senseless.nigga get is corrected,tear drop is cool.

  32. This is sad. This individual is not talented really at all. I’ve met white rappers age 10 that would rap circles around Gucci. Starved for the attention he doesn’t get from his music- I expect nothing less from him and people like him. Might have just tattooed “FAG” on his face and that would be gangsta.

  33. and @straight up G- that tatto maybe cost $17. tops. if it was more- homie got ripped the fuck off. If you gotta wait til your “caked up” then you have set the bar extremely low. You need to raise that shit and then raise your game. There are only two types of people that would get a tattoo like that- gucci mane and 16 year old white girls starved for attention.

  34. Iimma alwayz n 4eva be a Gucci Mane fan.. 1017 Brick Squad n So Icey Ent on deck!

  35. This is truly what you call selling your soul for apparent wealth and glory.
    Honestly a sad case.

  36. Some people knocked him out & tattooed a penis on his face.. So he had to cover it up with something. Real shit.

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