Miller Family Resurrects No Limit Records With Digital-Only No Limit Forever Label

Romeo and ValentinoNo Limit Records is pioneering record label founded by southern hip-hop legend, Master P, in 1990. But, it wasn’t until 1995 that he landed a huge distribution deal with Priority Records, one of the first of its kind, which allowed P to maintained ownership of all of his master recordings. It was unheard of at the time.

During his reign in the 90s, No Limit sold more than 75 million records, and landed Master P in Forbes, in their 1998 list of America’s 40 highest paid entertainers with an estimated income of $56.5 million.

The house that Master P built finally saw a decline by the late 1990s and early 2000s and eventually closed up shop in late 2003.

However, the label is being resurrected by the hip-hop mogul’s son Romeo, along with members of his family — including his brother Valentino (Vice President), his uncle Silkk The Shocker (COO) and cousin Black Don (Senior VP of A&R).

It’s been re-named No Limit Forever.

The Millers have come together to keep the family business going, so the movement continues. The only difference will be that No Limit Forever will not produce CDs, but focus on digital content, instead of the traditional creation of selling tapes and CDs from the trunk of his car like P.

As president, Romeo has learned a lot from his father, but realizes the music business has made a drastic change. He understands the importance of the Internet, and why the Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are some of world’s biggest companies.

“I can relate to the new era of this music business. I have a lot of on-hands experience working with one of the greatest music company execs ever, my father,” Romeo said. “He taught me the marketing of this business and I took the time out to complete my education at USC where I studied technology and business. I feel that I have the best of both worlds.

“I’m a hard worker with a billion dollars worth of knowledge and many resources,” he continued. “My goal is to build a digital hub where artists can become entrepreneurs and make instant revenue off of their music. My resources and I have created a technology to stop online piracy.”

Album sales were down 11 per cent last year, from 2.09 billion, in figures that include paid-for downloads. In 1985, unit sales were 1.8 billion, as the CD began to increase in popularity, a run of growth that peaked in 1996 with sales of 3.4 billion. With the rise of the Internet, CD sales began to collapse CD sales, thanks to music piracy. While digital sales are growing, they haven’t offset how much has lost in the type of revenues music used to make.

No Limit hopes to change this with the launch of their new company.

The label’s roster currently consists of Romeo, Valentino, Silkk The Shocker, Black Don, Suni Blac, Bengie, Gangsta, T-Bo, Eastwood, G5-J, and Lil D.

They also have other outlets from No Limit in the pipeline as well, including a reality TV show, comic books, cartoon animation, t-shirt company, and events such as shows and talent searches.

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  1. Daayuum they done woke up the sleepin giant them No Limit
    Gorillas is about to take over the game again wow Im feelin

  2. Yeah, I know thats right, finally some african american
    celeberties representin us right & talkin about

  3. Thats whuts up Master P changed the music game back in the
    days now his seeds is comin wit it

  4. I remember back in the day, No Limit rappers had albums
    comin’ out like, every week or two, lol. I never was a big No Limit
    fan, but I respect the hustle by P and now by his son.

  5. @Danny Shut The Fuck Up Bitch Ass Nigga If You Don’t Like The Story Leave It Alone I Support Romeo And His Family No Limit Forever!!!!

  6. Went to the site a week or 2 before this news report went up.

    Pretty tight!!!

    Hope they go somewheres with it.


    Anybody know where I can find channel listings for Better Black TV???

  7. The tank lost its shine when the original roster fled, Master P has never been able to recapture my ear. I will keep an open mind, but any new material better be better than the last few uninspired offerings.

  8. What happened? Did they resign Mystikal? Fuck P! This nigga was talkin all that we done wit the negative shit. Then he released the 10th anniversary of the album Ghetto Dope. With songs on there teachin people how to cook crack. Fuck that hypocrite. Give the money back if u feel so guilty P, u no talent bitch

  9. i keep it trill and this bs wont go! P and the millers are wack and thats a fact. aint fuckin wit YOUNG MONEY!! look at YM/CM artist yawl thank the tank fuckin wit that?! stop it!

  10. I felt no-limit was wack back in the day, but these rappers
    today make no-limit look like death row when 2pac was there. LMFAO!
    Who would have thought that cash money’s ceo was banging his step
    son up the anus? “Come here little nigga and give daddy a

  11. Na-na-na…make say uhh vibrates through my head with all
    those shiny ad’s in the magazine…. along with the tank

  12. This might sound so corny but I’m so glad the tank is back. Please save us from the horrible trash that we are forced to listen to these days. Back in the day I loved NO Limit so much I wore my camouflage everyday almost day (in different styles of course) lol and for school I made my own official No Limit logo in the black and white fatigue bubble letters lol. Love ya’ll still.

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