Skillz Runs Down Past Year With His Annual ‘2010 Rap Up’

By Ronnie Gamble  |  01/03/2011

SkillzVirginia rapper Skillz hit fans with his fifth solo album, The World Needs More Skillz, back in October ... but it was his annual year-end rap-up track that gets everyone hype when a New Year approaches.

From Sade making a return and Lebron leaving Cleveland to Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" video and BP's oil spill, the lyrically gifted Skillz runs down all the big things hip-hop talked about in 2010.

Here's just a few of the bars, he spits:

"Waka Flocka went hard and got shot in the paint / Kelis went a lil harder, took Nas to the bank / All that bread on the monthly, son that's crazy / Did I mention the fact that she only had one baby?"

"Yung Berg got robbed by his peers / it's not '09 though, he just seems to do that every year / 50 Cent tried to take out Ross / Like, it didn't work Fif', you might have to take that loss."

Before concluding the "Rap Up," the rapper shouts out many of those who lost their lives in the past year, including Apache, Guru, and Teena Marie, among others.

"May they all rest in heaven, the 'Rap Up' is wrapped up, I'll catch ya'll in 2011," Skillz spits at the end of this freestyle.

Every year, Skillz drops his annual "Rap Up" for free, one year even releasing a music video for it. While you may be able to find a download of it online, he upped it to iTunes for just $0.99, so support the homie for his consistent work in entertaining us all at the beginning of every year.