Romeo, College Boyys Clothing Feed & Dress Homeless In Dallas

Romeo and College BoyysRomeo and his College Boyys Clothing brand teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club and United Way to help homeless families in Dallas during the holidays.

Not only did they supply hot meals and clothing, but they volunteered their time for Christmas.

“In order to make a difference, you have to better understand who these families are and what happened to them,” said Romeo of giving back. “They are people just like you and I. Some caught a bad break, lost it all, have little or no education, but can recover and bounce back with a little help.

“It feels good to see the kids walking around with t-shirts on that says ‘I’m going to college’. It sends the message of hope and that you can go from nothing to something.”

College Boyys Clothing and Romeo’s mission is to raise awareness for the national epidemic for homeless families and children.

“Despite the living conditions, these families are just like you and I. We can all help make a difference,” added College Boyys Clothing VP, Alex Yaghoub. “These families deserve a second chance. These kids will hopefully go to college one day, they are the future of America. Everyone needs to care about this epidemic, it affects us all.”

College Boyys Clothing caters to males from ages 2-7 and 8-20, featuring an array of tops, tees, and sweaters, as well as jeans. The company describes the line as “More than just a clothing brand…”.

For more information on how to help the homeless in America, visit And for Romeo’s clothing company, visit

  1. I think that it is awesome that Romeo continues to do right for the communities. Giving his time and giving out clothes, it’s amazing his able to do all that, him being so busy.

  2. That’s a good look lil homie strong message for the youth especially our young black men

  3. I love and respect what Romeo and College Boys stand for! Why shouldn’t we as people support positivity and promote education this is what we need mor of!

  4. Its rare to hear good news about young celebs these days usually its news about them getting into trouble Im glad to hear Romeo and his group are doing their part it makes me feel like i need to do more too

  5. It’s a wonderful blessing when a star like Romeo gives a
    hand to the needy! God bless Romeo and the College Boyys!

  6. P done raised some good hearted angels. Every time I turn
    around they helping people need. He motivates me more than the
    brother in office. P for president.

  7. that’s nice to see young people giving back. GOD blesses those who bless others. where can i buy “im going to college” college boyys shirt? id definitely like to rock one! class of 2011 babyyy

  8. Big up Rome for succeeding in the music business then going off to college. You’re living proof that young black men can do more than becoming a statistic.

  9. gud lookin out wit hookin up my lil man wit sum clothes,
    chistmas was ruff for us this year but yall came thru for a brotha.
    may god continue to bless master p, romeo, silkk the shocker,
    c-murder (u aint forgotten, keep ya head up) & the rest of
    the no limit soldiers

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