Foxy Brown A No-Show For ‘Christmas Massacre’ Concert, Still No Lil Kim Diss

Foxy BrownJust over a week ago, news surfaced of a Christmas Eve concert in Brooklyn, called the “Christmas Massacre”, in which Foxy Brown would unveil a diss for Lil Kim who has been going at newcomer Nicki Minaj in recent months.

On fliers for the show, promoters hailed the diss track as “the most anticipated response since Jay-Z’s ‘Takeover.’ ” However, no one ever got to hear it.

According to, Foxy Brown never showed for her holiday performance, so the “Christmas Massacre” was never heard, thus never made its way to the Internet.

Foxy has since explained why, via her Twitter page (@FoxyDonDiva).

“Still grieving the loss of someone special & dear to me,” she tweeted “I’d like to personally apologize for the confusion and venue changing of the beautiful ‘Christmas In Brooklyn’ party. Although the confusion fell far beyond my control, my responsibility and concern is to my fans and family; my priority. As I always say … the Devil’s at his busiest when ur about to get busy.”

Before signing off, she added: “From my heart, I luv yall. Pray for ur girl. Something bigger’s going on. But GOD got me covered in his blood.”

Fox did not mention the alleged diss track, and as of press time, it was unclear if it will ever be released.

The rivarly between the female rap legends dates all the way back to the mid-1990s, when both rappers were just starting out in the music biz. The tension culminated in the infamous 2001 shooting outside Hot 97 offices in New York, which later led to Lil Kim receiving a one year prison sentence for refusing to snitch on those involved.

  1. LIl Kim is crazy. Was she trying to have foxy brown killed? Cancers are crazy people. Just ask fellow cancer OJ Simpson.
    If Nicki Minaj is harmed, Lil Kim did it. The girl threatened to erase her social security number. I wouldn’t take that comment lightly.

  2. You’ve spent your whole life trying to make it OUT of the ghetto and yet you still run around celebrating and it’s worse features everywhere you go. Black people we are so confused.

    It’s where you are not where you been and you damn sure aint standing on the block now so grow up. Both of ya’ll.

  3. Still no lil kim diss?Is balla status run by a group of 13 yr old girls who live and die for WACK diss tracks?…Who gives a fuck?

  4. No shes not jumping out of it..that shits is just to small and shes gotten fatter and she’s still trying desperatley to stay whats hot in da streets ya heard me

  5. With twenty to four (o’clock) breasts like that, of course the devil’s going to be busy! Man, even that beaded necklace she wearing is breaking into the Intro to R Kelly’s “Sex Me”!!

  6. Man is it me of Foxy got fat as hell…tits like busting out her damm shirt, WTF…lmao…but she still would get it on GP!!

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