Tech Company Helps Users Video Chat Over Mobile Phones With New App

By Jay Casteel  |  12/28/2010

Tango video mobile callingWhile we're not a tech-based publication per say, we always keep our eyes and ears open to new things on the technology-based side to things we think are cool.

One of the latest things we came across is Tango, a free mobile video calling service that supports and works between numerous devices, including iPhones, and dozens of Android devices over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

The company boasts itself as "the only free mobile video calling service" to work among the various devices, with the ability to seamlessly switch between audio and video calls.

Earlier this month, Tango announced the extended support for the fourth-generation iPod touch, giving its users even more people to connect with and ring in the New Year.

"Support for the iPod touch was one of the most requested features by our community," said Eric Setton, co-founder and CTO.

Tango has continued to rapidly push out new features and improve its video calling service since the company's launch on September 30. Since then, the company has issued five updates for Android and two for iPhone, averaging one a week. The most significant update for Android being the use of Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) for Android version 2.2. It allows push notifications to be sent for incoming Tango calls, so the application does not have to run in the background, resulting in a zero effect on battery life and improved call reliability.

"2011 will be the year of video calling on mobile devices," Setton said. "There are three market trends we are seeing that will drive adoption including massive tablet and smartphone growth globally, the rise of 4G networks, and technology advancements to be available on every platform, every device, in an easy to use interface. Our enormous member adoption has already proved that this is a big opportunity."

The company hopes Tango can help you ring in the New Year as well. "It's a great way to celebrate New Year's with friends around town, around the country or even around the globe as you compare who is at the best bash ('hey, check out our DJ!')," a rep told us. "If you have kids, now you don't have to feel bad leaving them at home while you enjoy a late night New Year’s party; just have your babysitter download the app so you can Tango to say goodnight or get a quick look at them sleeping peacefully."

Tango is a free download in the Apple's App Store and Android Market. You can Tango with anyone in your contact list that has downloaded the application to his or her phone.

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