Music Industry Reacts To Teena Marie’s Death

Teena MarieWhen news broke of the passing of singer Teena Marie over the holiday weekend, it caught everybody off-guard. Her family and friends are mourning her death, but many of her industry peers are as well.

Several celebrities expressed their shock and/or support in tweets since Marie’s passing on Sunday (December 26), when she reportedly died in her sleep. Some of those include: Birdman, Mary J. Blige, The Game, ?uestlove, and Q-Tip, among others.

Below are their reactions, compiled by our friends at

Birdman: R.I.P TEENA MARIE … ..

Mack Maine: R.I.P. @teenamarie!!!!!! Honestly 1 of da best I’ve Eva seen live in concert … a true angel!!!! God bless her soul!!! Love

Estelle: RIP Teena.Marie. #sosad

Angela Simmons: R.I.P Teena Marie.

Q-Tip: u can run my MINI teena marie playlist back to the top … then do it again. hopefully a young singer can take this blueprint she left. RIP

Tony Yayo: Dam rip teena marie a legend we miss you

Game: R.I.P. Teena Marie. X-mas lights plugged in, Got this Teena Marie playing … .. sippin on Eggnog & black Hennesey as I roll this kush.

Binkie of Electrik Red: Tina marie :(

?uestlove: again the mark of a TRUE ARTIST is when their album cuts get more love than the hits. Marie’s magic was defined by her album cuts.

D. Woods: Listening to the great Teena Marie sing down! We have lost another dynamic voice in R&B today. RIP

Mary J. Blige: Tina Mari inspired me vocally as a child. Her songs I sang in the mirror with a hair brush. I’m so hurt. I’ll love u forever Tina Mari. Portuguese Love, Casanova Brown, Square Biz, I need your lovin, all of your music will live forever through me. In my heart she’s Tina, So rest in peace Tina, i love u. Every girl that grew up in the hood, with her blasting through the windows, Cars and radio waves can Feel me. Rest in peace Teena Mari. My Love love for u is forever.

JoJo: Wow. RIP Teena Marie. Her music will live on forever.

J. Cole: Thank you for the Teena Marie videos on VH1 Soul. RIP

Alicia Keys: God bless Teena Marie & her Family! Sending Blessings &prayers I was jus sayin tht fire & desire is 1 of the most beautifully performd songs! Once a beautiful song, always a beautiful song! Certain songs jus have that โ€œTHINGโ€! What a SANGIN Lady! Fire & Desire

Kid Sister: heavy heart. R.I.P. Lady T

Amerie: God bless Teena Marie … such a gift & blessing to us all … praying for her daughter & family.

Chase N. Cashe: Teena Marie awwwwwwwww the first white rapper. Real swag. The verse on square biz. Dog she’s apart of the soundtrack to my life man. That’s all moms played. Teena and Lisa Stansfield awww man.

  1. Im so sad.Another legend is gone. R.I.P. Tina we love u, but God loved u first.

  2. R.N.P TINA.YOU WERE THE BEST INTERTAINER I HAVE EVER SEEN IN PERSON!! i saw you with luther vandross at the cinn.jazz festival in the 80s u stoll the show!! CU LATER GIRL!!


  4. RIP. Gone but never forgotten!!! you will always be and

  5. Tennia Merie I think the name speaks for its self wonderful
    music . Tennia i really didnt know u but i think your music was the
    best of all tyme . U will for ever be missed in never forgotten .
    Your music will aways live. On and u and Rick James will now sing
    Fire and Desire in heaven . In now when i here thunder when it rain
    I will know that it is you and Rick James singing and making people

  6. A legendary artist and vocalist , one of the best concerts
    i ever seen ,your music will live on ,RIP Teena!!

  7. God gave us a talented singer and now she is gone Only God has the Love for this Beauitful Gifted Woman of Music. May you and my son who was murdered 8/19/2008 spend some time in Heaven and show him what real music is

  8. R.I.P. Teena Marie..I remember growing up and listening to
    your music and girl I will continue to do so for as long as I
    live…You were and will forever and a day be one of the best!!! My
    deepest condolences to your family!!!

  9. Tenna Marie,her music inspired me even before Rick James.Eventhough I never met her personally,I knew her only with her music.I live in Washingto DC and was notified all the way from NC. That tells the love I have for her.I give my love to her daughter and ask her to be strong because her mother is still there with you.There is one thing I do know for sure,Tenna was about love.

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