Is Foxy Brown Planning A Lil Kim Diss Record?

Foxy BrownLil Kim may have her sights aimed at newcomer Nicki Minaj, but word is another female MC has their scope aimed directly at Kim.

Her name is Foxy Brown.

According to, Foxy is planning the release of a Kim diss record called “Christmas Massacre,” which she’ll be dropping at a holiday party performance in Brooklyn on Christmas Eve.

Flyers for the performance call the diss: “the most anticipated response since (Jay Z’s ‘Takeover’).” Furthermore, the performance will supposedly “address the issue with Lil Kim”, while featuring a “shout out to her girl Nicki Minaj.”

The rivarly between the female rap legends dates all the way back to the mid-1990s, when both got their starts in music.

In early 2001, their entourages collided during a now-infamous shooting outside New York’s Hot 97 radio station, which later led to Kim being convicted of perjury and being sentenced to a year in prison.

Their war of words reportedly began when Kim dissed Fox on a track with Lil Cease called “Play Around” in 1999. She followed with another diss on her The Notorious K.I.M. album in 2000, which prompted a response from Brown, who retaliated with a verse on the track “Bang Bang,” from Capone-N-Noreaga’s The Reunion: “Could give a f*** if your album pushed back/ ‘Cause when it hit the streets, bitch, it’s still weak/ It still sound lame, and my name still reign.”

That beef seemed to have ended long ago, but apparently Foxy is ready to rekindle, and has been doing so over the past year with subliminal disses.

At press time, Foxy has yet to publicly announce the upcoming diss song, but it’s reportedly going down at Brooklyn’s Club Jelani’s, on Dec. 24, 2010.

  1. i hope not… because lil kim put foxy away like 13 years ago….. seriously foxy go climb under a rock! lol…. foxy is sooo sooo sooo sooo irrelevant. She will look real stupid trying to diss lil kim right now. she needs to stop.

  2. Man she look like she need to drop some damm weight and sit her bi-polar ass down, not only irrelevant but her career is through!!…But she still would get the business just on GP…

  3. Klopsy Klown thinks she big and bad but got whopped on by Jacki-O. She just mad cause she aint KIM!!! She needs to go sit her BP OIL SPILL LOOKING AZZ DOWN!!!

  4. What happened to forgiveness and love? This is all a matter of pride and ego, and the sooner both ladies acknowledge that, the better. We have to move forward and as consumers, stop responding to such bitterness and hatred. They’re both broken and empty inside … & need to filled with the love of God in their hearts. Follow @EllaBrinx

  5. wow Nicki minaj u my niggah,lil kim i love you mah u keep doing your shit. yah shouldnt be fighting each other if yah nice in rapping yah should go at other rappers.I LOVE TREY SONGZ …………………………

  6. kim, foxy & nikki just need to get together and have a 3sum and work it out ;p

  7. Kim is the one who is irrelevant! I’m tired of that bitch like daaaamn! she wanna take shots at every bitch in the fuckin game! she needs to leave Nicki alone because Nicki is whats relevant! she’s the only rap bitch that made a million of a mixtape, the only bitch who’s album sold the most, the only bitch who is breaking billboard records! Nicki Minaj is the New Queen Of Rap! just ask Rolling Stones! all these bitches is her son! maaaaaan she just shitted on em! its nothin! Nicki Minaj aka “Sit On Ya Favorite Rappers Face” so fuck Lil kim! Foxy betta get her ass!

  8. @ ayoforyayo, you’re wrong. “Takeover” was a response to Nas’s “Stillmatic” freestyle where, over the “Paid In Full” beat, he called Jay-Z “H to the Izzo, M to the Izzo” and other shit.

    This was after about 2 years of subliminal disses between Nas and Jay-Z/Memphis Bleek.

    Get your facts straight, that’s pretty common knowledge.

  9. So is this the only way to sell records? And we wonder why the white boys laugh at us behind our backs while they count the money they are getting of this fake beef. Real beef don’t make the news only the outcome does.


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