Lil Kim Explains History Behind Nicki Minaj Beef, Says She’s Open To Collaborating?

Lil Kim

Lil KimLil Kim and Nicki Minaj, that’s the topic that continues to discussed, especially when both rappers are interviewed.

Recently, Kim sat with Angie Martinez on New York’s Hot 97 radio station, where — of course — she was asked to address the situation between her and the Young Money First Lady. According to the pint-sized Notorious B.I.G. protege, Nicki started the whole situation, but she’s finishing it and doesn’t plan to let up. At least, any time soon.

“In this industry, what I’ve learned is you never know. That’s what I’ve learned in this industry. You just don’t pick fights, and you don’t pick fights with Kimmy Blanco ’cause I’m not taking my foot off her neck,” Kim said. “You started this. I hope you ready for this.”

Later, however, Kim revealed that she is open to doing a song with the female rap newcomer. But, only for the right price. “I would do a song with her … for the right price,” Kim said with a smile. “$7 million — that’s my favorite number. $7 million, maybe.”

Kim went on to reveal that when Nicki Minaj initially hooked up with Lil Wayne and the Cash Money Records family, she was hanging around them, contemplating whether to sign with the label herself. And, at the time, was willing to help Nicki shine.

“I went over there. People don’t know this,” Kim revealed. “I was over with Cash Money and them. Slim (Cash Money co-founder) was putting me in the studio… I was over there, in a couple of their sessions. I never see her, or Drake. I was saw Wayne and everybody else. So my thing is, I was getting ready to be allies and in their family. I didn’t have a problem with that. My whole thing was, as a business woman, this would be good for people to see me with her. It would be good for her, to see that I’m willing to come over and rock with you. I don’t have no beef with you shorty at the end of the day. Beef is serious.

“With me being over there, [Nicki] was like ‘Yo, I wanna do a record with you’. I was like ‘Let’s do it, let’s make it big’ because in my eyes, I needed that exposure as far as music is concerned,” she continued.

The track collaboration Kim is referring to was “Everywhere We Go.” But, Kim claims that the lukewarm response to Minaj’s performance on the track upset the Cash Money executives, who pulled it from iTunes quickly. After that, she says Cash Money ceased communication with her, and then, she realized she was used.

“They kind of used me to stamp it, because they knew that they were gonna kinda steal my swag,” she told radio listeners. “Like ‘You know what? Kim’s cool with her looking like her, taking her whole style and swag. Kim’s cool with this.’ … If you are going to steal my swag, you gonna have to pay. Something gotta give. You help me, I help you. That’s how it goes to me.”

After all this took place behind the scenes, Kim claims Nicki started throwing “subliminal shots” her way on songs. Still, she had no problem with her. That was until they saw each other in public and Nicki ignored her, refusing to address their tension.

“She looked right at me, had her head down, rolled her eyes and kept walking. You see me, say something,” Kim explained.

Although Nicki had previously said she didn’t feel the need to address her beef with female rappers by name, she released the track “Roman’s Revenge,” which many believed to be a clear stab at Kim, although she didn’t mention her by name. In retaliation, Kim dropped the diss record, “Black Friday,” a play off Nicki’s debut album Pink Friday.

Nicki Minaj has since addressed Kim, in her own interview with Angie Martinez. During her chat, she basically called the rap vet “a sore loser,” explaining that their public beef is helping revive Kim’s career, but said she needs to “get a life” if she’s bitter.

  1. That old whore should get over herself obviously everyone else has Ya heard me


  3. kim go so hard and since nicki started it kim needs to end it they are both nice peformers nicki is basically following in kims footsteps and nicki needs support from kim for female mc’s and please squash this and make a squash record like all the other beefs and yall people out there just want this to escalate so leave it alone please

  4. All these lil’ 15-year-old girls who have never listened to Hard Core acting like this pop artist is the new Queen of Rap. This is so, so ridiculous. Nicki disrespected her and she has every right to fire back. Don’t f*** with the Queen Bee!

  5. Kim, you are a liar and psychotic. If cash money executives didn’t like Nicki Minaj part on a song that you and her supposedly collaborated on, does it make sense that they got rid of you instead of Nicki. Does it make sense for cash money records to spend time and money on a song between you and Nicki with the intentions to jack your style? They could of jacked your swag regardless. They lost interest in you because you can’t write your own rap and your verse sucked on the collabo that you and Nicki supposedly did together. You see, cash money executives realized they weren’t going to make money signing you to their label so they quit calling your ass. Its common sense. Don’t sit there and try to manipulate the public. Were not stupid. I take that back, you might convinced your fans your telling the truth because they lack intelligence and common sense. Lil Kim, no one stole your swag and your style. No one is like Nicki Minaj. She has her own style and swag. You act as if you were the only musician who ever wore colored wigs on stage. Colored wigs have been used by musicians for a very long time lol.
    Lil Kim, please stop smoking weed because your becoming a paranoid psychofrenic thinking Nicki is taking subliminal shots at you. She has no reason to start beef with you. Your story does not make sense in regards to why Nicki is starting beef with you because cash money supposedly stole your swag and gave it to Nicki. What? That doesn’t make sense. The truth is your jealous of Nicki because she is better than you. Kim, you started the beef with Nicki because you are paranoid and thought Nicki was beefing with you subliminally. Your also bitter that cash money executives didn’t like your performance on the song you and Nicki collob on.
    Nicki has no reason to start beef with you. You are the only person that has a reason to start beef with Nicki. Get over it and move on you psycho. Is this the kind of message you want to send out to your fans. That it is okay to bully another person? Pathetic.

  6. i def agree with the previous comments..its only in her head that they have think that everything she write its about her..get over it kim with your childish self..she said it in plenty inerviews that she dont compete when she write..and thats another thing atleast she writes all her did you-I THINK NOT!!!>point proven case closed..nicki minaj deserves to be the new queen of hip hop!!!

  7. YO check IT!!! ya need to quit the bullshit if ya gone beef make it BEEF! But over a lil ass record that waddent bout nun ya need to cut dat petty ass shit out! -GwapNasty

  8. Whats with all this “Nicky stole my swag” bullsh*t? Nicky looks nothing like, sounds nothing like, or has a style that is similar to Lil Kims. Does anybody else notice this? The only thing they have in common is that they are both female rappers. I like Kim as well as Nicky but I just dont see where people (and Kim) think that Nicky is a biter. I mean really…

  9. look at all these kim haters i like nicki but she clearly stole sum of kim’s style and when kim called it out she ran to pop music kim is the only female who can run with the best like nas and jay-z and of course biggie she DOES WRITE her own shit biggie died in 97 how in the hell is still writing her rhymes kim is a rap legend some maybe offended by her image but she’s definitely the best female rapper out there u better go get hardcore an do ur homework!

  10. So making a poster in the exact same style and pose as someone isn’t considered stealing someone’s swag? Do some research before posting ridiculous statements. How can someone with one album be considered as the new queen of Hip-Hop. If she is selling albums 10+ years from now you can maybe consider her then. I’ll tell you about young folks!

  11. I was siding with Kim but now I think I’m having a change of heart. You mean to tell me this is all because Nicki didn’t speak… GTFOH

    Yea she stole your style but if you think she owe you something, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s called life, PLEASE GET OVER YOURSELF!

  12. 7 million for what? Nikki don’t even need you. I heard the song, it was better than most of what Nikki is doing now. They probably dropped you because they, like everybody else, didn’t see any value in you.

  13. Okay…. How she gonna call Nicki a contradicting creature yet she saying Nicki asked her to do a song while she was haning in the young money studio yet she also claims to have never seen Drake or Nicki while she was at the studio sessions. LoL Kim sit down pls.

  14. Originiality never gets old sorry but nikki minaj is a wanna a be lil kim is original and the baddest so give respect when its do and by the way nikki don’t be rapping about nothing anyways but people that are followers and have no idea about what a real female MC sound’s like would not have a clue anyways….Lil Kim is and will always be the best so respect the Queen !

  15. @ jenny..My dear the next time you get it in your head to
    write a fucking thesis just make sure that it pertains first to
    something people give a fuck about.Its like being an over educated
    rock collector cool to you may not be cool to the world..Ya heard

  16. I think that Kim is flattering herself by thinking everything Nicki writes is a stab at her. Don’t get me wrong, both of them are great artists but Kim had her shine and now it’s Nicki’s turn. I for one am a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan and love her music but I don’t have any problems with Kim. I just think she needs to let Nicki have her time in the spotlight. This “beef” is kind of making Kim look selfish and insecure and pathetic. Who gives a shit about who has the title of the Queen of Hip Hop?? Seriously. Good music is good music. Get over the petty shit and just do your thing. If the title really means this much to you then rethink the reason you’re even making music because you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, both of you.

  17. @mon – SHUT UP!!! Nicki in no way even remotely resembles Kim! This is the dumbest freaking thing I’ve ever heard of. I NEVER even associated the two of them. I’d like to know what in your lovely little brain associates the two because I’m not seeing it. Not in the way Nicki raps, the way she dresses, the things she says, or anything else for that matter. This is so dumb and is irritating. That’s like having someone say “you’re stealing my swag” because I wear shoes like that and my hair is blonde just like yours! Blasphemy! Seriously?? No one said anything about Gwen Stefani and Pink wearing colored wigs and dressing odd like Kim so what’s the issue now?? That fact that Nicki is also of African American decent and decided to dress out of the stereotype for her color?! If Nicki was white I HIGHLY doubt this dumb little squabble would even be happening right now. And the whole “subliminal” stabs thing is also some bullshit. There’s a word for that condition, you know the one where you think people are out to get you… Hmm what was it?.. Oh yeah PARANOIA!! :D

  18. .Ok don’t get me wrong I like both of the rappers. Even though kim hasn’t came out with no good hit in a lil while. But one thing I really wanted to say is when kim was out she didn’t really come out as a “BARBIE” I mean she may have called herself a black barbie in a couple of her songs but that’s about it. Nicki came out as a “BARBIE” she has a totally different style than what kim has. Nicki dresses like a barbie and changes up like a barbie because that’s what barbies do. Nicki wears bright things like a barbie. But all kim did was wear her bra and panties with a mink over it. Most of what she wore was naked and nasty she wore wigs but they were mostly straight and she look like a drag queen. Like I said they both are totally different and right now this is the only way kim will be able to shine again.

  19. If all you gotta do is rap about alladin and jasmine my 9
    year old can be famous too. Nikki is whack as hell! Nikki stop
    watching Sesame Street and the nickelodeon channel!!!!!! no way
    does she look like a damn Barbie! I wouldn’t buy my girl children
    that doll!!!

  20. 7 MILLION.??? lil kim should be payin to do a song wit nicki.!! ha ha

  21. Yo kim yu had yur chance nicki shyted on ya ass you was
    badd but now nicki got it iyke its over your done.This shyt yall
    arguin over make you look stupid. Nicki fans have you at the bottom
    just go do you and not nicki . Nicki is the best she got the spot
    light she make that shyt shine hun forreal . Nicki music is right .
    Sorry kim do you thats all you need to do stop all the dumb shyt

  22. If lil kim is so real 2 her peeps, y is she more plastic
    than ever. she is good @ her skills and nikki is good @ hers. all
    nikki did was get ass and tits…lil kim went 4 the all
    menu…corny. if u goin 2 come out 2 the world that someone is
    copying u, then look good wit’ ur fake ass. black friday was
    written 4 u because none of that seem like u could put together
    urself…crazy ass. she need to have on a white jacket in a padded

  23. Okay…I’ve reach the point across that,both of them have
    talent and know how to rap and everything is not perfect.Even tho
    lil’kim been out a lng tym,she still got the whole rap game in
    control,and always will have it.I never was a big fan of her(lil’
    kim)cause i was just born round the tym she came out,which was the
    90’s.she a bad bitch,tho.Nikki i really lyk the acts that you have
    in rapping,but i think now that you are famous you dnt know how to
    react to it,lyk 4real tho,but you have good,crazy skills in your on
    way,and most of all you’re different,i mean way different.That’s
    what i lyk the most.I absolute think that for every rapper,you
    never never get old for the whole hip-hop game(females and
    males).That’s real talk.


  25. I think kim should just pave way for Nicki…kim is old
    fashioned and people are afraid to tell her that..we are in a
    modern world and things are changing….someday someone will be
    here for nicki and thats how it goes

  26. Check it. lil kim….out of style..its time for nicki to
    shine..her rap is always different neva same lil kim well lets jus
    say tht its 2011 now..this b.s need to be dropped..dead

  27. lil kim u ain’t nothing but u n nicki need to get ya’ll act
    together n do somethin fight or somethin o’ n nicki make sure u
    tear dat face up she ugly anyway. but make sure ya’ll do it on

  28. kim didnt start this barbie stuff nicki did cuz nicki was
    rappin like one and acting like one and saying she was one kim just
    called herself that

  29. @hateonthis- i agtree with you if nicki was white none of
    this would b happening but because she is black and other femakes
    dont wanna c her wit none and mad cuz her carrer is going good they
    mad and trying to beef

  30. @tersa nicki was paying homage n 7yea she was payin homage
    to save her carrer and this what she get in return smh nicki minaj
    do it better

  31. The Way i Feel About It Is Lil Kim Wanna Be The Only rab Bxtch In The Game !
    Its 2011 Get Over Your Self There Is Room For More Then One Super Star

  32. I’m not sorry to say this but Kim you need to move on you were never all that anyway. The thing is that Nicki Minaj is a very big deal and i don’t know if your mad because she is better than you or mad because you have never experienced the kind of publicity she has but have some dignity and don’t be subject to envy it is such an ugly trait.There is always gonna be somebody better its just in your case it was somebody unbelievably better. oh and sorry to contradict myself but there will not ever be anybody better than Nicki:)

  33. nicki go take ur ass sum were i wish i can help lil kim
    nicki messing with da right 1 4 real nicki trying to get fuck up 4
    real u ugly stupid ass hoe i sweare nicki look like a he she hahaha
    lil kim make sure when u fight heer fuck her up make sure u have
    sum 1 record it so u can put it on youtube

  34. Ha Kim got her foot on Nicki’s neck, Damn right, nicki is
    wack and ryhmes the same damn words. Kim will stomp her hoe ass
    out, looking like some alien Nick the alien lol maybe that could be
    her what, 50th persona dumb hoe…

  35. I honestly think nicki minaj is the most retarded person in music. You know she had to of given good head to all the members of young money to get where she is. The whacked ass bitch has no talent and honestly she’s just an embarrassment to hiphop. She needs to go get a life.

  36. i think mthat nic ki minaj is better than lil kim cause lil kim fall the fuck off and she try to get back in the game with her lame ass if lil kim would have never meet biggie she would not be famouse at all lil kim need to step back and let THE QUEEN OF RAP WITCH IS NICKI MINAJ HELLLO SHE JUST DID LIKE THAT DID YOU BITCH FUCK LIL MISS KIM THAT GOT UGLY ASS HELL


  38. I gotta agree with everyone else. Time to fall back Kim. Loved you with Biggie and Junior Mafia, but your time is up. Let Nicki shine!

  39. I am not really a fan of both girls, but I’v listin to hip hop all my life. It’s always herd “rappers” when on top, claim to be the best call out every other in the industry! Lil Kim has done it and now its Nicki’s turn. I don’t here Madonna calling out Lady Gaga, or Blues and Jazz calling out “HipHop” for taking there swagger? If YOUR the best, prove it! But calling people out over the air, Twitter, or anything like that seems real (High School)now days.

  40. kim ur good, why all this nicky is doing her own thing,u are a big girl why all this with nicky u should be happy some one is like u,cos d world has forgotting u girl.she is not like u,i fink she is like eve yes not even kim.

  41. 1st of all lets get this out the way Nicki ain’t better than Kim nope not even close lyrically Kim is way better yes better. 2nd Kim first album is better than pink Friday yeap hardcore is better and it came out in 96 lol and it’s a classic along with la Bella mafia and the naked truth its funny how ya’ll say she’s better but hey you young people don’t no about hip hop not 1 bit lets break it down Nicki looks better than Kim yes who’s better lyrically Kim who’s more real Kim who got a better swagg Kim who got a better delivery Kim at the end of the day pound for pound Nicki can’t hang with Kim

  42. First of all kim is not tha best of all time. Must we forget mc lyte. Lil kim was a hot marketing tool for her time. But she never wrote her own lyrics. That is what seperates the two. When she did her ablum didnt go wood. Niki has kim look and latifa flow

  43. yow lil kim just mad cause nikki is a better on the eye…who said nikki had to give head to be where she at? kim is the one big on giving heads…she is most famous for it…nikki is the best…kim is old…she needs to stop wasting her time on nikki ad go get her ugly ass face fixed.her nose is crooked…ha ha….kim is a bicycle while nikki is a bugatti…..get it?nikki to the world!!!!!!

  44. All I can say is lil Kim is “hip hop” Nikki Minaj is “hip pop.”

    Lil Kim got “Street Cred”…Nikki Minaj does not.

    If they were in a battle rap…that would be interesting to see…but personally, I think lil Kim would win.

    They are both fabricated images of what white Amerikka thinks a hip hop bytch should look and act like. (Not!)

    Foxy Brown would fuk both these birds up in da cypher. (Wit her stinkin azz)

    Where is Queen Pen or, tha “Pitbull in ah skirt?” (Real spit)

    At the end of the day, Kim just wants a payday and she will do and say anything and everthing to get it. (Nuff said)

  45. They both come from different periods in Hip Hop. Personally, I like Lil Kim because I’m a big fan of the old school hip hop when it really took off. If this is really what went down, I can understand the beef. People don’t need to burn bridges or leave them burnt.

  46. i love kim but she just needs 2 dressback and give the girl her fuckin time until its up.Everyone goes through a period wether long or short this is nicki period-fuckin-time.ALL THE WAY FROM TRINIDAD NUFF-RESPECT 2 U NICKI MINAJ

  47. All of yall r whaqk as hell tlkn bout Nicki betta than Kim ,, Yall dnt knw talent so thea4 STFU ! Dhisx beef aint qot nun 2 do widd yall so stp hatin &&nd qet ah lyfe !!!!!!!!!

  48. If Y’all Are Going To Say Nicki Has A Rap Style Like Kim Then Your Saying Nicki Got A Style Like Biggie. Yo Like Seriously Ppl Need To Think Before They Speak.

  49. the bottom line the young school nicki shouldnt have no beef because you can tell who her idol or the type of singer and the way she dresses is little kim .but that she let lil ki know that her type of performance is being carried through another generation she has came out big just like little kim but it is 15 -20 years later and lil kim is still going on strong .this generation has 5 women doing the same thing shakira jlo keri ciara beyonce which is in the tina turner the young school wouldnt have any moves or steps if it wasnt for the old schol and the old school females can still get down and look good ciara tries to mve and even used janet steps i see alot of janet moves in each one of ciara dance videos but janet moves are made for her size they look better when she does it each beat she has a diferent move michael and janet moves are unique janet has already been given a several awards of best dance and choreography and i still havent seen anyone video better than janets all her videos are different she has made different songs on every topic peace like rhythm of nation she has more videos than any female and when i want to see some dance steps i sit back on her site i watch ciara that the next person in janet style of dancing but she has hip hop in hers janet shows a sexy style to her dancing she dont get on the floor to much throughout her moves if it wasnt for janet like beyonce and the rest of them they wouldnt be this far and janet and ciara did a remix of janet song so when ya say these old entertainers need to sit down maybe y7a need to sit down and watch them all the old schools.cause janet has been making a couple of movies and commercials posing for magazines with fur and she hasnt been in concert for what about 7 years and all this time you had beyonce rhianna down to nicki janet has a concert 2011 that has sold out in less than 10 all over each state is standing room only they had to add extra nights for some states and beyonce held the world record for having the most sell outs not any more the world miss janet she is the only female single artist to sell out at a colliseum in 25 years thats why she is the queen lets see what beyonce will be doing entertainment and in great shape and still making music in 15 years but beyonce is to be the richest perfume etc but who knows how much janet has she does live in a castle would like tsee rhianna conquer beyonce dont like beyonce newest album leaked

  50. @ te the bottom is is actually i wouldnt have wasted that much time typeing up some bullshit

  51. 1)Whaatt thee fuck does this have to do with any of you commmenters!? ya’ll write as if anyone gives a flying fuck.
    2) yes nicki minaj has copied some of lil kim’s swag. there are similar poses and lil kim did her shit first ater that its just wanna be’s
    3) i respect both artists so stop shit talking on lil kim. SHE CAN DO WHAT THE FUCK SHE WANTS.
    5) how the fuck would you feel if strangers hated on you? not very happy so shut the fuck up
    and have a nice day(:

  52. Yes, I am stating flatly that the beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim is a B.S set up meant to pump up the troubled career of Lil Kim which has not been the same since her year long prison stay in 2005 and appearance on the reality ballroom competition show “Dancing with the Stars.”

    The evidence is quite readily available. In numerous interviews during her rapid rise from mixtape superstar to record industry phenom Minaj has cited Lil Kim among her influences. If you had the chance to do a favor for one of your heroes with simple series of Twitter posts you’d likely do it and so far that’s all the time this beef has cost Nicki.

    Kim needs the rub badly as her latest work is a Mixtape being sold through Paypal; not exactly the high profile launch Kim had in mind when she finally escaped her second record company, Brookland Media, in 2009, three years after she was sprung her from Atlantic Records, and signed with Jay Z’s vanity label Roc Nation, a co-venture of Jay and Live Nation.

    Read more:

  53. I think this whole beef is a set up. Both these girls know each other. They know how publicity works. They want the cash and I think theyve dooped us all.


  55. Lil KIM all day. Selling a few thousand albums is nothing nowadays compared to back in the day when artists were selling millions.

  56. Nicki is A fake! A fart!
    Kim has been in the game, How dare she disrespect where she came from,the bi@tch hungry for fame,…..yeah I admit it she got skills,hips and thighs and she looks good heels but all that is pills.

  57. ya’ll sum dumb bitches. Pay homage, that is all she wants. She deserves it. And everybody under 25, do ya history first and shut the fuck up!

  58. frist of all wat every your name is grl lil kim is a wanna be niki minja she is hungry for her lil kim is a hater that all she doin is hating on niki minja and niki dont have to sit down and let nobody feed ha cause one thang bout ha she the hottest female rapper round here i need that to be known who gone check niki not u or lil kim cause i with her by the way and lil disrespecting were niki minja came from young money is hot right now come lil get lilke niki please and maybe i well listen to your songz cause u anit got no hit out right now u just hater do u wanna be like niki and that anit pills it the truth long live niki my homie get like ha.

  59. 1st lil kim ah queen n everybody shuda knowed by now if u dnt u wack and who listens to a fake barbie if u wna mess wit ah barbie go 2 tha store n bye 1 people

  60. ok, i’m sayinqq this shxt str8n the fuck up.

    *lil kim wasz the shxt back then, she was on point and shxt but now nicki isz yo time to shine mamasz. i have been readinqq this shxt and itsz unbealivable.
    nicki minaj hasz a swaqq that nobody hasz. why does it matter ? she better than lil kim. but iono care, cause THA BRAT isz back outah jail and she finnah kill both of these hoesz so why doesz it matter. but i qotah qive it to Nicki she badd assz fuck yo. i will eat the shxt outah her assz. but anywaysz it isz what it isz, Nicki just qot in the qame and she runnin it til THA BRAT isz back in. :)




  64. Mann nicki minaj finaa qhett herr ass whoopedd ! luhh kim dha best female artist outhere

  65. dats kinna foul cuhz nicki looks up to her nd she come foul nd diss her album i love nicki manaj dats my wifee i love her so much i dont no nicki but i love her to death nd i got yo back onica loveee u lyk u my family i wanna be a female rapper wen i grow up to one day i hope i canmeet u

  66. Naw I think what your saying is pathetic.. obviously you don’t know Kim and allow yourself to drawn in by a waste of time like Nicki Manij. You need go pick up an album of Hard Core, listen to it, and then come back and revise what you wrote. Cuz you don’t know what the FUCK you are talking about.

  67. lil kim is old &needs to sit down somwhere you already had your time to shine your WELL RESPECTED in the rap game why try an argue ? &nicki shes not my favorite but shes doing her thing right now DON’T knock her for it.

  68. i feel as though lil kim is trying too come back so for her to come back in the game she have to go after the one thats at the top because if it was so offensive wht didn’t missy eve ect get offended and go off like she is doing you know why because they know when there time is over lil kim just need to get over it she is not in the game no more sorry

  69. i think u guys should just cool it off cos in some years days months another female rapper is gonna come out and take over your shine so stop beefing and bragging cos u guys aint done anything different….same thing always but with diff swag’s dats were the beef comes in.hahahaha

  70. OMG Kim your a has been abd you need to hang it up flat screen plasma!!! Yo Nicki go hard you just need to drop it… So what if you inspired her she got your swag and she twisted it up and made her own…. Drop the Beef… UGH!

  71. i think nki is the realest and the baddest and she spearjk wat she think so u haterz fall back and get like haa cause i bumpin wit niki by the wa like she said she did it on ha and lil you old sdelfv get ova urself

  72. I think you and Kim need to see the reality in this situation. Kim is done, finito, and needs to move on. Nicki Minaj is here to stay and is a wonderful artist, unique and talented. I followed both of these artists and have the knowledge to say that “Kim, you might have BEEN the Queen of Rap, but there is a new Queen Bee in town. Get over it.” i love both of them but Lil Kim’s time to shine is over and there is nothing she could do about. She might think she runs this but she trying to mess with someone who can easily fire right back at her with BIGGER, BETTER, and STRONGER music.

  73. I think you and Kim need to see the reality in this situation. Kim is done, finito, and needs to move on. Nicki Minaj is here to stay and is a wonderful artist, unique and talented. I followed both of these artists and have the knowledge to say that “Kim, you might have BEEN the Queen of Rap, but there is a new Queen Bee in town. Get over it.” i love both of them but Lil Kim’s time to shine is over and there is nothing she could do about. She might think she runs this but she trying to mess with someone who can easily fire right back at her with BIGGER, BETTER, and STRONGER music.

  74. yeah right nicki manaj is young energetic and pretty! lil kim is OLD boring and dosen’t look as good! werent you lestining to DID IT ON EM move bugs(lil kim and her supporters aka you) matter fact the queen(NICKI MANAJ)could use a back rub. and fyi when lil kim is old crusty wrinkly and has been dead and gone who’s gonna take the throne? the person how already did when kim went to JAIL for PERJURY and CONSPARICY in MARCH! whose the baddest now!?! thats right NICKI MANAJ!!!(=D=D=D)oh yeah and one more thing BOW DOWN AND RESPCET THE QUEEN…..NICKI MANAJ!!!!! eat that sucker and other lil kim supporters!!!!!

  75. queen bee??? yeah right imma tell you like i told simply estacy down there once she old and crusty nicki gonna rule like she already is and she gonna rule harder cause no ones gonna get in her wa!!! and imma make sure of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. THANK YOU!!! how many times has she been to jail and still didnt learn her lesson!!! lil kim go tell your friends that your losing fans because of your jail and criminal record. fans like me. and change your view point what would you do if you were nicki!

  77. and you know her!?! wow tell her to lay off the pipe for a while and nicki is new and fresh and her music is not waste……not like your mom!

  78. ok? Lil Kim wants every one to luv her just cuz she WAS on top and now is not…

  79. GOsh,U lame as bustas,talking alot of shiit bout the queen!! Give it up,your PATHETIC looking her up,and dissing her with your non important comments! Who the fuck are you to talk shit!! HAHA, cause you need the attention!! Yall just stupid for doing this shit!!
    I love U QUEEN B !! Fuck these haters,I am gonna be true,nikki is dope,but this shit about you shiters talking shit bout the Queen is stupid!! End of the truth!! PYCe !! @TEAMKIMMYBLANCO from 22 ppl who seein me write this!! fuck Lil Kim haters !! hahahahahahahahaha……….!!! Biitches!! pinche putos!! LoL !! FuCk U HaTeR. >. :P wack ass haters!! Who the f*ck want WAR. 
    put you under my wing,bought you your first rollie,
    nigga i helped raise you,why would i play you!! – Lil kim !!
    shawnice- yall need a wake up call from bum land….♥
    we here jamming to the blanco homies,thats fo reals.
    behind ever star lyes a pack of haters~
    KIM BITCHES IT IS WHAT IT IS, LOVE YOU KIMMY!!!!>> ♥♥♥♥….♥♥♥♥<< 8D

  80. nikki  and kim are nothing alike if kim thinks shes so much better then come back out and let the fans and the record sales decide it but it seems no one wants lil kim her career is done face is busted even foxy said it everytime a female rapper comes out and starts getting big she trys to start shit i like nikki and her music even with what anyone says. 

  81. nikki  and kim are nothing alike if kim thinks shes so much better then come back out and let the fans and the record sales decide it but it seems no one wants lil kim her career is done face is busted even foxy said it everytime a female rapper comes out and starts getting big she trys to start shit i like nikki and her music even with what anyone says. 

  82. she dont even have to wait til she old she is ruleing rite now!!!!!!!! days y lil kim mad

  83. Nicki Is The Best i look up to Her no Matter what even If she was not famous r if she  Was to Turn into a hobo i Love her and i will Support her No matter what Lil kimm is a sore loser she needs to get a life cause nicki comes off top as bestest

  84. Act,thats exactly what nikki with a lower case n is. Check up on her Lil Kim the first and only female MC TO GET 5 TO 6 MIC’S. Nikki will never last shes only shinning because there’s no one else to go against her(what other female rapper has ADHD). She made her carrier based on purposely beefing with Kim and shes backed up by young money. But what do any of you know go to England and not acknowledge the Queen and its off with your head and that’s what Kim can do to the heffa however if she was a hater she would have responded much more. Nikki is a gimmick that’s like a real woman arguing with a transvestite how you gonna go from baggy pants to high heels and then come at some bodies head. The truth is nikki has never had an independent thought in her carrier since when was nic nac paddy wac skills? No one knows real talent when they see it and by the way Nikki was not the first Barbie she stole it from that Jamaican Barbie chick that was suppose to do a track with Sean Kingston but nikki stole that too. I guess its the man in her, LONG LIVE THE QUEEN1

  85. Fuck that shit keep beefin! they spit better when theyre dissin! without beef theyd both be stale and boring af

  86. Nicki is a fucking clown and Kim my bitch how u still somebody swagg and run wit it as if it was yours….she need her ass beat and I’m from the Chi so if I see Nicki its def going down…come at a bitch like me I got bars for days for hoes like her…nbs

  87. Nicki Minaj is very pretty but she did use some of Lil Kim’s fashions except she’s not as explicit as Kim, who is equally sexy. It’s just a ploy to help revive Kim’s career.

  88. I think that kim and nicki could make a barbie group just them and they can be the best

  89. Kim has and will always be the best female rapper there is no doubt, Nicki is pretty good but not as good I will always favor Kim over Nicki

  90. honestly lil kim shouldn’t be beefin wid nicki cause nicki even said that lil kim was an inspiration to what she does. lil kim is just being bitter cause she’s washed up. No music, no life..

  91. & all iwant too say is Nicki Minaj ;
    is awesome nomatter wht anyone says !Lil Kim ; byebye too usweetie , Nicki has stepped hr game up `

    aint nowun cn do it like #Harajuku Baaarbie (:

  92. i hate that some bitches hate do your thang nicki she thinks she da shit…… hoe u just mad cuz u a stupid hoe …. but nicki still gon shine she talking about 7 million bicth u old af she dont want to be in the game with u hoe

  93. i hate that she is hating on u nicki do yo thang she  a stupid hoe but nicki still gon shine…. TF BITCH

  94. Kim n Nicky R the 2 biggest female names n HipHop~Juss like Big n Pac wuz! They cud run HipHop 2gether juss like Big n Pac wud’v if they’d join forces. So letd stop da beef n start the collaborations ladies. I wud love 2hear it n I’ll B lookn 4it n da near future. Nay.9.

  95. How she gone say she been used and she said she was gone do the song with nicki cause she need the exposure! then she claim YMCMB stole her swagg , but she didn’t tell how they stole swagg she just kept claiming they did. I really didn’t get this interview at all because she wasn’t saying anything nor giving enough detail.

  96. There is no HIP HOP without beef…party performer vs the Legend Kim, it’s really not a good idea, minaj should get herself competition frm You Tube o something bcos she can’t write even 16 bars… Drake is wrote everything she ever recorded

  97. First of all lay of kim cuz nicki is a fake and tthreesom havin ass bitch and thats wat minaj mean threesom and she alluminati

  98. lil kims a fuckin’ hag!she barely has talent,that bitch just jealous,cuz nicki took her spotlight,so she needs to stop all that fuckin’ bullshit,shes tooooo old for that crap,she aint no fuckin queen,besides a jealous hater,people barely remember her,its not like shes Madonna , or Dolly Parton , someone who you can actually call a fuckin’ queen.

  99. Nicki, is unlike any before her time. Now.. Kim n Foxy..I could understand the comaprisons, but for real, let ma do her thing today, just as Kim did back then. She HAD her time to rep and she went HARD. Now, lil mama has a whole different sound out here for us, and she doing it! Kim need to be clappin for the young talented female artist and not try n start shit that ain’t in today’s game. And for real..I wouldn’t tune into no collabo with Nicki n Kim, odesn’t even sound like a hot flow, jsut sayin.

  100. Bitch how the fuck are you going to say Lil Kim is old, yet Sicki Garbaj (nicki) is turning 30 this year??! lmfaooo!! Sicki Barbaj will NEVER catch up with Lil Kim music wise.. Kim aint even fuckingwith this beef shit anymore. She’s going independent, she got a movie about herself coming out soon, and a new album.. All y’all can stop sucking Sicki’s dick lol.

  101. Hey, If you don’t know how to comment, Please keep silent.. who told u nicki is talentless. She preferable than kim..

  102. Talent is talent. Kim is the Queen Bee and Nicki will never be her or spit like her. Kim will never be Nicki either though. But it’s a respect thing. Kim paved the way, Nicki hasn’t paid her dues to disrespect a vet. They are both benefiting from this, good for them! But really Kim… it’s time to show her up or shut up.

  103. Ok so here’s the bottom line.
    Nicki obviously stole Kim’s swag.
    OBVIOUSLY. Nicki Minaj is the exact replica of Kim.
    Here’s the question: who couldn’t Nicki make her own swag? Why did she have to take Kim’s in the first place.
    Nicki: Be original Kim: Your a beast on the mic,but you dumb for ALLOWING her to take it.

  104. Please don’t say that bout Kim don’t call her a liar and a psycho cause Kim is telling the truth and she has a reason to have beef with Nicki, think about it if u was Lil Kim and there’s a person out there who made it in the game and cloned u and then called u a sore loser on national television than u will have a problem with that too NOW I’M ASKING U NICELY DON’T EVER SAY THAT.

  105. Lil Kim knows whats she’s talking about I don’t care what drake said about Lil Kim, Drake I love him he’s the sexiest male rapper in the game right now but I disagree about everything he said about Lil Kim, the reason why he’s sayin’ thoughs bad things about lil kim cause he wanna get with Nicki, Lil Kim is right you can’t copy every star cause thats disrespectful to the artist and it’s disrespectful to the artist’s fans I already have mix tapes of my own and when I make it into the game there’s no ifs but when I make it into the game I’m not gone be a copy cat cause I’m gone do me, I’m gone have my own styles and poses, I’m tellin’ u if I go through the same thing like Lil Kim it’s not gone be pretty trust me I’m just sayin’.

  106. Nicki minaj has set the bar high for all femcee past present and future setting the bar so high is makin hard for the lab rat to ressurect her career and if nicki minaj is only a clone to who kim really is then it shouldnt be hard to outshine nicki?is kim mad because nicki minaj beating her at her own game?”MOVE BACK BUG”!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. hard core just dosent cut it any more!!!!!!!1,2,3 til the nicki minaj blink

  108. The only thing kim spits about is swallowing cum and getting fucked there nothing special about that to me.i mean lil kim is pushn 50.DIE ALREADY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she wins,you lose,hahahahahaha

  109. Nicki Minaj will fuk lil kim up…. she aint qot nun on mhi qurl nicki… anywayz nicki aint even wit dis shiet anymo… oan kim is fake y did she have tuu still nickiz shiet (BLACK FRIDAY) soundz more like pink friday tuu mhee

  110. honestly this whole nicki minaj beef needs to stop how do u sound kim, your 36 years old give it up, nicki minaj is hot and ur not. wow, its taking her this long to realize that nicki minaj never did like her. i feel that lil kim needs to get over it. she is so petty having beef with a girl who raps better, who acts better, who has more style, more money, younger then her. she does this crap for publicity it anyone didnt notice. lil kim has feuds with everyone. stilling there thinkin she look guud with an IRS, how trashy is that.

  111. All of it is stupid butt what cash money did was wrong and kim lyrics and style is way better than nicki’s. Before nicki was this so called barbie she dressed like a dud and was Remy Ma boyfriend so all of y’all that think nicki is better than kim need to open y’all eyes because she will NEVA be lyrically

  112. numbers dont lie and kim need worry about why she keep gettin bad face lifts, she had her time now its nicki and it aint gon change, talkin bout 7 million lol broke bitch

  113. If Biggie smalls & left eye from tlc were still alive nikki would probably not even have a carrer .Biggie would of taken lil kim up .

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