Wiz Khalifa Shows You How To Roll A Perfect Joint

By BallerStatus Staff  |  12/07/2010

By now, everybody knows just how much bubbling rapper Wiz Khalifa loves the sticky green. If you didn't know from his popular mixtape, Kush and Orange Juice (Download it at MixtapePass), then you probably heard about his arrest in North Carolina last month for marijuana possession.

Despite the arrest, Wiz ain't stopping his smoking habit. In episode 4 of his "DayToday Season" viral series, the rapper shows everyone watching how to roll the "perfect joint." While relaxing in a jacuzzi, Wiz shows the camera, from start to finish and step-by-step, how to roll one up.

By the end of the clip, of course, he sparks it up and shows viewers how he gets it in.