LA Dodgers’ Matt Kemp Sits With L.A. Artist Jun Cha For Some New Ink

Jun Cha x Matt Kemp

Los Angeles-bred tattoo and fine art artist, Jun Cha, recently got a high-profile visitor to his private studio, who was looking to get some new art added to his arm. That someone was Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, who has been in the news quite often in over the past year for his relationship with Rihanna.

The 26-year-old MLB player enlisted Jun to begin reconstruction of his left sleeve. During his first session, which took place just days after Thanksgiving, Kemp starts with a piece of “Saint Michael the Archangel.”

“The foundation for his piece begins with Michael,” Jun Cha said on his blog ( “Out of all the angels that are developed throughout the bible, the archangel Michael is the one. Known as the field commander for the army of God, whenever, and whoever threatens the throne, it’s this general who comes to collect.

“Unlike most historical depictions of Michael, where he’s usually killing everything in sight, this piece focuses on the moment he sees the evil, and chooses to defend the heavens … there’s always a choice,” the artist added.

If you are familiar with Jun Cha’s work, you must endure at least two tattoo sessions for him to polish out and finalize each piece … and while it’s a process, you can’t argue with the final results. So, Matt isn’t done. He’s still got at least another sitting for this one, and it seems as though he plans on finishing that left sleeve with the young L.A. artist.

“A big thanks to Matt for pulling through a long session. Eyes out for final sittings,” Jun concluded in his blog about the session with Matt.

Kemp is just one name in his long list of celebrity clientele, which also includes several other athletes, Drama Beats (MTV’s “Fantasy Factory”), and Jermaine Dupri. A piece he did on Dupri’s ribcage, depicting his then-girl Janet Jackson as the classic Virgin Mary, made headlines back in 2009.

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