Dr. Dre Says He Sold Off Record Collection Of Around 80,000 Pieces

Dr. Dre record collectionIn the outtakes for Vibe’s cover story with Dr. Dre, the legendary producer revealed that he has parted ways with his record collection, consisting of around 80,000 records.

If fans can remember, there were photos of Dre with that collection on the inserts of Dre’s 1999 album, The Chronic 2001. In the photo, the producer is showed sitting in a room filled with records, some scattered on the floor. Those photos, taken by partner Mel Man, are now memories long-gone.

During a conversation for the Vibe cover story, Dre was asked about the collection of vinyl, which he revealed he no longer had.

“The record collection is gone now,” he said.

Dre said he wasn’t using them anymore, so he decided it was time to sell them off. But, he kept a few of them.

“What I did was just went through and jotted down everything I was in love with so I could order it [later],” Dre said.

In outtakes, published at NodFactor.com, Dre said he kept Curtis Mayfield’s “Super Fly” soundtrack, Nirvana’s 1989 debut Bleach, and Barry White’s Greatest Hits.

A rock grunge album? Yes, Dre said: “That’s one of my favorite albums ever made. I still listen to that sh** to work out.”

Just a little interesting tidbit about the good doctor while fans away the release of Detox, due out in early 2011.

  1. “…while fans awa[it] the release of Detox, due out in early 2011.”
    Dear Ballerstatus, I care about you too much for you to continue to abuse me with…lies. Please stop.

  2. CRAZY!!!!
    never part ways with your vinyl!!!!

    you done son..
    you just confirmed your and old man thats losing his mind..

    alotta that shit you sold you aint NEVER gonna be able to get again..


  3. wow, i bet he had some monster classics. Why would you sell them dre? Archive for the kids maybe? Well can’t wait for the detox MAN KEEP BANGING

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