Kelly Rowland Behind On Her Taxes, Owes IRS $100,000

Kelly RowlandDespite being caked up from her success as a member of Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland is reportedly behind on her taxes … to the tune of around $100,000.

According to The Detroit News, the singer owes $98,634 in delinquent tax payments, prompting the government to file a lien against her oceanfront property in Miami, Florid with the New York City Register.

Rowland enjoyed success as a member of the top-selling girl group of all-time, Destiny’s Child. The group released four studio albums, selling over 40 million records worldwide and 50 million including their solo album sales before their disbandment.

Rowland has released a couple of solo albums, but none matching the success of group member Beyonce.

Her 2002 debut, Simply Deep, went on to be certified gold, while her 2007 sophomore effort Ms. Kelly opened in the Billboard 200’s top 10, but only sold about three million copies worldwide.

She’s tried her hand in the acting world with a few TV roles, most recently as the co-host of the Bravo! reality show “The Fashion Show,” but now, Kelly is getting back to music.

She’s currently hard at work on her third album, self-titled Kelly Rowland. It’s due out sometime next time.

  1. Since when during these tough times for people who put out albums does the word “only” precede “sold about 3 million copies”? That sounds like a great success for Kelly Rowland if you ask me. Ok, maybe not Beyonce numbers…but I mean…COME ON!

  2. Well tax issues, no success or not, she still get the business….

  3. ABeats = Cosigned…I had a definite “WTF” look on my face when I read that. 3 million worldwide ain’t bad for someone who really hasn’t been that relevant in 7-8 years.

  4. Kelly, Kell, where is Be when you need her. You always giving her props and kissing her a–. Ask her to lend you the money. She has enough of it that she made off the kids who listens to her man hating music. I love you Kelly, but pay your taxes.

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