Skate Legend Pep Williams Drops First PepStar Branded Skateboard

Pep Williams and his PepStar boardVeteran Los Angeles-bred skater/photographer Pep Williams, known as one of the original skaters of Dog Town, recently dropped a line of signature skateboards under his PepStar brand, which also includes a clothing line.

His latest board to hit the streets is the Pep Williams Pro Model, which he designed with a unique shape and style, helping if stand out amongst all the choices already out there.

“For about the past 16 years, pretty much every skateboard has been the same with small variations in the concave, but still the same,” Williams tells “When my new Pro Model was being planned for release, I didn’t want the same old thing as everyone else. So, I designed a deck that is completely 100% by me and not a carbon copy of everyone else.”

According to the legendary skater, he designed a board with his interests in mind. Williams told us, he always carries two boards — one to use for street skating and another to cruise — so, in the creation of the “Pro Model,” he found a happy median.

“I always bring two boards with me where ever I go. A board I can streeet skate/pool and a cruiser board so I can just cruise or take it downhill if I want to go really fast,” the skater explained. “So, I designed a 9×33 deck. It sounds big, but I kept the wheel base the same as a street board and the length of right in the middle of a longboard/street board. Think of it as a hybrid.”

The end result was a “perfect” combination,” Williams says, and hopes other skaters out there feel the same.

However, as of now, you won’t find the PepStar Pro Model in every major skate shop across the country. Williams is only selling them in select shop ” to keep it exclusive to people who support real skate shops run by skaters.” So, if you’re lucky enough to find one, you probably want to pick one up because they are limited.

For more info, or to find out where the board is carried, email and/or follow Pep on Twitter @Pep_Williams.

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