Ne-Yo, Girlfriend Welcome New Baby Girl Into The World

Ne-Yo and Monyetta ShawAlthough his upcoming album isn’t due for another week, singer Ne-Yo has something better to celebrate — his first child.

The R&B singer and his girlfriend Monyetta Shaw welcomed a baby girl on Friday night (November 12) in Atlanta, and named her Madilyn Grace Smith, said reports.

According to People, Madilyn came two months early. She was originally due in the new year.

Ne-Yo was reportedly at a charity event for his foundation when he was informed that Shaw had gone into labor, but he made it to the hospital in time to witness the birth.

A previously scheduled baby shower was to take place at the hospital Saturday.

“As my life transforms due to the new life that sprung up on me last night, it’s good to know my folks support. Luv y’all,” the new dad tweeted (@NeYoCompund). “Brand new baby, brand new album. Life is GOOD!!!! Nov. 22nd, around the corner!!!”

His fourth album, Libra Scale, drops November 22.

  1. Good for them. I like the guy, he makes real music. His girl looks like a real woman, no fake video hoe. I respect that.

  2. Rico Wifey, Jiinn speaking: Im really proud to see NeYo turning into a successful father and artist. KEEP UP THE G00D W0RK!!! :-)

  3. what about him being GAY? Why did he use artificial insemination instead of the usual way.
    The only famous person i know in the black arena did that was Michael Jackson and you know why he did that, he liked boys.

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