Celtics’ Rajon Rondo Ditches Headband After NBA Institutes New Rule

By Randall Stevens  |  11/01/2010

Rajan RondoYou may have noticed that since the beginning of the season, Boston Celtics' guard Rajon Rondo no longer rocks his trademark headband ... following the addition of an new rule by the NBA.

According to ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg (@ESPNForsberg), the league has instituted a new uniform rule, prohibiting players from wearing their headbands upside down or inside out.

Players may now only wear them if the NBA and/or team logo is shown right side up, the way it's supposed to.

Rondo has worn a sweatband for quite some time now, but he would wear it upside-down for unknown reasons. With the NBA instituting the new rule, he has ditched the headband altogether, starting the Boston's opener against the Miami Heat.

He wouldn't comment on the reasons following a game Friday (October 29).

Additionally, the NBA made another rule change this season -- cracking down on player complaints. If a player complains, even slightly, to a referee after a call, or non-call, he will be hit with a technical foul.

So far, the refs are sticking to the rule strictly, and players are still trying to get used to the rule. If a player gets two technicals in a game, he is ejected.