DJ Skee’s Skee.TV Partners With KarmaloopTV

DJ SkeeDJ Skee and his video production house announced a partnership with KarmaloopTV (KLTV) this week, in hopes of creating a premier lifestyle destination for the emerging “Verge Culture” demographic.

Via the team-up, both companies will combine KL’s online content and e-commerce platform with Skee.TV’s marketing and high quality video production capabilities and unique programming.

Under the terms of the mutually beneficial agreement, the two brands will merge their extensive online properties at their respective dotcoms, YouTube and more, into a single co-brand, currently reachable via and/or Skee.TV.

The deal brings KLTV to the West Coast, where Skee.TV is headquartered; while Skee.TV offices will also expand to the East where Karmaloop is based.

“When it comes to creating music, and lifestyle-centric content that connects with trend-conscious young people, no one compares to Skee.TV,” says Greg Selkoe, founder and CEO of and “With their grasp of what is groundbreaking in music and ours in the world of fashion and e-commerce, we are joining to create a one-stop destination not only for tech- and trend-savvy young people, but the many marketers who want to reach them.

“We are really excited about our new partnership with Karmaloop and the innovative campaigns we are launching,” added DJ Skee. “With this relationship, we are giving consumers the best of entertainment and shopping and also opening a new revenue stream for labels and artists by allowing them to directly reach consumers.”

Since its launch in 2007, Skee.TV has generated over 200 million views on all their platforms and is currently the #18 most viewed YouTube channel of all-time. They’ve also grown into an in-house marketing and production company, which has produced six no. 1 videos, including Far East Movement’s “Like A G6”, which is currently the #1 song in the country.

As far as KarmaloopTV, the video arm of online streetwear retailer launched in 2008 and has grow every year since. was launched in 2000, and has become the world’s largest online retailer of streetwear and custom ready-to-wear gear, with projected revenues of $100 million in 2010 from sales of 250+ global fashion brands.

Both companies market to what is being called the “Verge Culture” demographic, the multi-racial, trend- and tech-savvy young people who communicate digitally to share the latest in music, fashion, entertainment and more.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. This is dope. I’m glad to see that Karmaloop is expanding like it is. Lately they’ve been featuring some pretty good artists/rappers/dj’s.

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    ♥Love Is Peace☮

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