Sade Says She’s Denied Jay-Z For A Collaboration

By Allen Starbury  |  10/18/2010

SadeJay-Z may be one of the biggest rappers in the world, and has collaborated with some major stars, but his status doesn't impress everybody.

When Hova approached Sade for a collaboration, she declined his request ... as well as other prominent rappers, she admitted recently.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, the legendary singer revealed that Jay was one of several MCs who reached out to her about working on a song, or even sampling one of her classic tracks. But when he came down to it, Sade said she politely declined.

"I'm too scared," Sade told the paper. "They'll find me out. It's like The Wizard of Oz. They'll find out there's nothing there. As for collaborations, I'm collaborating with the band and do what we do. I see myself as a member of this band who does these songs that we write."

While it's not the easiest to get Sade on a track, she said the lucky few she does accept don't have to empty out their bank account for it. She says she doesn't charge a huge amount.

"When it comes to sample clearances, I'm probably the cheapest chick in the west," Sade explained.

If you can't get an official clearance, there's always mixtapes. Droop-E, a producer from the Bay Area and son of the legendary E-40, recently dropped a mixtape with clothing brands, Diamond Supply Co. and Blvck Scvle, called BLVCK DIAMOND LIFE, in which he samples and re-creates many of Sade's classics -- including "Sally," "War of The Hearts" and "Smooth Operator" among others.

Sade and her band are set to kick off the North American leg of their 50-city tour on June 2011.