IRS To Auction Off Young Buck Items Later This Month

Young BuckWhen the IRS raided his home in early August, a bunch of Young Buck’s possessions were seized, and now Uncle Sam wants their money.

To recoup some of the over $300,000 in unpaid taxes, the IRS is planning an auction for later this month, selling off dozens of items previously owned by Buck, reports the Tennessean.

Among the items up for grabs are: several gold and platinum records for his own work and collaborations with rapper 50 Cent, several pieces of fine art, multiple LCD and plasma televisions, designer watches, recording studio equipment, and an assortment of faux-fur coats.

There are also photos and other decorative pieces, including large pictures of Al Pacino from the movie Scarface, and rapper Tupac, a “marijuana leaf picture”, three Royal Copenhagen white bear figurines and a 3-foot white and silver Santa Claus decoration.

The IRS will auction off the items and hold an open house in two weeks on October 27th in Antioch, Tennesee. For more info and photos of some of items, visit

Buck (real name: David Darnell Brown) has been going through financial turmoil since the end of his days with G-Unit. In early September, reports surfaced that the rapper had filed for bankruptcy after IRS agents raided his Nashville home and seized thousands of dollars in property.

Since the incident, Buck has blamed his own ignorance regarding his financial matters, which he says he left in the hands of his former management team.

“I have a new team in place, but I am also paying full attention now. Nothing like this will ever happen again,” Buck promised. “This is a huge wake up call for all entertainers to stay on top of your own trusted employees and team members, and replace anyone that was put in place by your record label if the situation you have goes sour.”

At the same time Buck had filed for bankruptcy, the rapper revealed plans of a lawsuit against G-Unit Records and 50 Cent, claiming he’s worth around $5 million to the label.

  1. fuck all of the materialistic things, but if that were me, and rapping was my job, those gold and platinum records would mean the world to me. Thats a sign of accomplishment and now some random person will have them. what a damn shame

  2. How embarrassing, but I WILL be there for the estate sale…lol

  3. $300K should be a drop in the bucket. Sad to see him go out like that.

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