Ra Diggs and Uncle MurdaWaka Flocka associate and Murda Team rapper Ra Diggs was reportedly arrested in New York City on Tuesday (October 5), for his participation in the what police are calling the “Gowanus Drug Trade.”

According to the New York Daily News, Ra Diggs (real name: Ronald Herron) was named — along with eight others — in a federal indictment, thanks to incriminating evidence obtained through his YouTube videos (Youtube/VandogEnt) and Twitter posts (@RaDiggs).

In one tweet, the rapper wrote having “5000 n****s with them lorcins [handguns] ready to turn the pigs kids into orphins,” court docs said.

And in videos from his Youtube page, the ex-con is seen wearing body armor and firing guns at a target range. He even also boasts that he ordered a shooting from his hospital bed and “beat a body”, a “reference to his 2002 murder acquittal after two witnesses were threatened and refused to testify against him,” reported the paper.

Attorneys said Diggs warned against people “snitching” by instilling fear by mentioning a murder in the Gowanus Houses housing project of a victim who reportedly helped authorities.

Prosecutors said the rapper was wounded by a rival drug dealer in 1998, and the gunman was killed two days later by Herron’s cousin.

Authorities said the drug organization is based around a neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn and have been operating for years. Diggs has apparently been on the Feds radar for more than two years and even before his apprehension in Manhattan on October 5.

Undercover detectives have made more than 65 drug buys from members of Herron’s crew at the Gowanus Houses since 2008, many of which were recorded on video, that could put the dealers in prison for at least 10 years. The crew have also been linked to four killings, but no one is charged in the three-count indictment.

If convicted, the rapper could face life in prison.

He was picked up by the NYPD outside Club Amnesia on Tuesday, and when detective searched his vehicle, they found a loaded 9 mm pistol in the glove box.

Diggs is being held without bail.