Yung Berg Robbed … Again — UK Goon Snatches Batman Chain

By Allen Starbury  |  10/02/2010

Yung Berg with Batman piecePoor Yung Berg, he gets punked yet again. This time, by some a goon hailing from North London.

If you don't know who Yung Berg is, he's the rapper who burst onto the scene in 2008 with the single "Sexy Lady," and then followed up with a feature on Ray J's smash hit "Sexy Can I."

Since breaking onto the scene, the young rapper has been the target of goons from all over. First, in 2008, he was robbed of an enormous Transformer logo chain by unknown men in Detroit, and then later, reports of the rapper being slapped by Maino surfaced.

Now, after re-ing up with a new, massive diamond-encrusted Batman piece, a U.K. rap artist by the name of Rowdy-T caught him slipping and alleviated Berg of the piece of jewelry.

Photos of the chain popped up on the Internet this week, and then a video of the U.K. rapper -- wearing the piece in question -- followed, with him addressing the situation with a freestyle, before calling Berg a "cupcake."

"F*** Yung Berg. What the f*** is a Yung Berg?" Rowdy-T asks in the clip before warning Berg about being anywhere near him again. "Come around me again, I'll take your next sh**. You're like a candy store to me dog. You sweet. F***in' cupcake ass bitch!

The circumstances regarding the chain snatching were unknown at press time, but in the beginning of the clip, the London rapper mentions being in Miami on a regular basis. And Berg mentioned being in Miami via Twitter earlier this week.

Yung Berg has yet to address the alleged robbery. Stay tuned...