Paul Wall On Microphone Fan Check: ‘A**holes Get Outta Line Sometimes’

Paul WallPaul Wall made TMZ this week, thanks to an incident on Sunday (September 26) in San Antonio when he thumped a fan over the head with his microphone a few times.

While he apologized for the incident, TMZ cameras caught Paul Wall in Los Angeles this week and he addressed the incident, saying: “A**holes get outta line sometimes.”

“Man, it was just some B-S. It’s always gonna be a few haters, but for the most part San Antonio always shows me love. I got nothing but love for San Antonio,” Paul continued. “It’s just regrets. You put them behind you and move on.”

In a video that surfaced, showing the incident on film, Paul is seen on stage, bending over and exchanging words with a man in the front row … then, outta nowhere started clubbing him with his microphone.

But, after just two swings, security rushed in and pulled Paul Wall away.

TMZ cameras questioned Paul Wall about whether he wanted to apologize to the man when spotted later this week … and well, Paul said “Hell no” in so many words.

“I’m not worried about him. He’s not my fan,” Paul explained. “He wasn’t a fan. I’d never beat a fan. He wasn’t a fan. It was somebody just trippin’.”

Aside from the minor incident, Paul was asked about Lil Wayne, who he said he’d be giving a free grill once he was released from prison.

“Lil Wayne, I got you a free grill on the house,” he said.

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  1. you are the fucking asshole, paul wall. I hope he sues your ass because thats the smart thing to do.

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