Queen LatifahHip-hop stars and deals with beverage companies are the new norm, at least for the bigger stars in the industry. Or, ones who’ve crossed over, like Queen Latifah.

This week, New York-based beverage company, New York Spring Water Inc, revealed details on their new partnership with Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment and plans to expand the brand globally this fall.

According to executives at New York Spring Water, Flavor Unit Entertainment is now part owners in the business and will be an integral part of the company’s strategic mission to expand internationally.

“Latifah and I are really excited about this partnership,” said Latifah’s business partner, Shakim Compere. “New York Spring Water is an innovative company and is definitely at the forefront of new product developments in the industry.”

Details about the amount Latifah and her company had invested in the beverage were undisclosed at press time.

According to a press time, the company hopes to make their most popular product, VBlast, a leader in the Vitamin Water industry, naming their “innovative packaging” as a selling point.

VBlast stores liquid vitamins in the cap of each bottle, which are released when opened by the consumer. The company says this method stops the vitamins from being “diluted in the water where they can lose potency over time.”

In coming weeks, New York Spring Water products will be on the shelves of 7-Eleven convenience stores nationally.