Kanye WestDespite several conflicting reports of an album title and release date, Kanye West’s upcoming new album doesn’t have either.

Many outlets have reported that Ye’s upcoming album is being titled either Good Ass Job or Dark Twisted Fantasy, and that it was due out late November.

However, Kanye himself cleared things up with a tweet (@KanyeWest) on Wednesday (September 29), saying both things are still up in the air.

“I’m still contemplating my album date… I’m finished with it but when should I drop?” the rapper asked his followers.

Hours later, Kanye added: “I can’t decide on my album title either uuuugh!!!!”

So until Kanye decides, things are still unclear regarding his upcoming, still untitled album. We’re sure, he’ll let us know via Twitter.

While fans wait, there’s was a report from FakeShoreDrive.com this week that claims Kanye’s upcoming joint EP with Jay-Z, titled Watch The Throne, will hit stores before Thanksgiving.

The album, which will consist of five songs, is slated for November 23rd, said the report, with “Monster” being the first single.

This has yet to be confirmed though.