Kanye West on the 'Cleveland Show'Since re-introducing himself to the public over the last few months, following months of seclusion in wake of his infamous 2009 VMAs outburst, Kanye West has been all over the place. The latest place he popped up was on the season premiere of the animated episode of “The Cleveland Show.”

Kanye appeared as rapper “Kenny West” on the season two premiere on Sunday (September 26), a famous local rapper who’s failed rap career has left him homeless.

“Look, it’s locally famous rapper Kenny West,” lead character Cleveland said, before later telling Kenny to abandon his rap star dreams: “Cable installers are today’s rappers.”

Later in the episode, Cleveland and Kenny attempt to re-ignite his career with various tactics — from an “8 Mile”-style rap battle to Cleveland trying to gouge out West’s eyes à la “Ray.” When that doesn’t work, the pair come up with the idea of throwing a benefit concert for a girl who fell into a well, which features Kenny West performing the song, “Be-Cleve in Yourself,” which becomes a big hit.

Soon, West and Cleveland are on live TV, and both poke fun at some of West’s obnoxious public moments.

“Barack Obama doesn’t care about black people,” Cleveland says to a reporter, a nod to Kanye West’s Bush tirade post-Hurricane Katrina, as West watches.

In another nod to the real-life West’s antics, Kenny quips, “I still can’t believe Beyoncé didn’t win.”

According to reports, West recorded his guest appearance for the “Family Guy” spin-off during a three-hour session in Los Angeles in 2009.