Jun Cha x C1RCA - Holida 2010

Renowned black-n-grey tattoo artist, Jun Cha, has teamed up with C1RCA Select for the second time. This time, he and the sneaker company collaborated on its Holiday 2010 line for a shoe, tee and snap-back hat.

For this the Coma Capsule, Cha focuses his efforts on subtlety, connecting the classic symbolism of the snake with skateboarding.

“The snake represents the elements of survival and adaptation of various environments through mobility,” Cha says. “The dark theme is inspired by the threat of living a life of unconsciousness. The Coma serves as a reminder to wake up.”

It will include a shoe called the Drifter, which Cha choose a black on black approach, contrasting an upper made of textured action leather emphasizing snakeskin. The low profile shoe is made of premium materials and genuine vulcanized construction. It also comes with an additional latex cushion on the heel and arch support.

The snap-back cap comes in black and white, featuring a custom-draw snake; while the Jun Holiday tee comes in black with a white knight chess piece on the tee’s front.

The collaboration is Jun Cha’s follow-up to the acclaimed “Black Tear” project with C1RCA earlier this year, which boasts a very limited black n grey sneaker.

The C1RCA x Jun Cha: Coma Capsule will bes available early October everywhere.

For more info on Jun Cha, visit his official website at Arudima.com, or for more on C1RCA Footwear, visit C1RCA.com.