Kool KeithBronx, New York rapper Kool Keith, a founding member of the Ultramagnetic MCs, is gearing up for life on the road … and wants a rock band to back him.

The rapper has lived the life of a rock star in his lyrics. From “hundreds of cars,” groupies and a love for fur coats and sunglasses — now, he wants to take his live shows to another level, with the help of a rock band.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Keith explained exactly what he is looking for.

“I want to take things to the next level. I’m trying to do Blueman Group, plus Black Elvis, plus [Dr.] Octagon, plus Kool Keith. I want full band wearing orange suits with orange bald heads,” the rapper explained.

He does have a specific person in mind too.

“I want Fred Durst,” he said, referring to the former Limp Bizkit front-man who’s worked with other hip-hop acts in the past, including Method Man, Redman, Swizz Beatz, and Xzibit.

With, or without Fred, however, Keith is looking to make his rock band idea happen. So for those interested, email him at KoolKeithMusic@gmail.com.