Rick Ross

Rick RossRick Ross has become the latest celebrity to have allegedly fallen victim to a sex tape leak.

A 20-minute video hit the Internet on Thursday (September 23), featuring an overweight bald man with a thick beard, who looks similar to the Miami rapper.

In the beginning of the clip, the man gets up from behind the camera, and makes his way to the bed where a woman is laying and begins to fondle and snuggle with her. Then later, he is seen receiving fellatio from the woman and later returning the favor, before performing the act in multiple sexual positions.

While the man looks like Rick Ross in appearance, he’s missing all the tattoos the rapper has all over his body.

However, the clip’s description says it was shot “before he blew up.”

Ross himself admitted to seeing the video clip on Twitter (@RickyRozay), but denied that it was authentic: “just saw the so called sex tape..the n**** had a louie flag in back pocket but forgot the tattooes..#fail”

Watch a three-minute teaser of the alleged sex tape over at ThisIs50.com, or the extended version with all the explicit stuff at WorldStarHipHop.com. FYI: both are not NSFW.