Nicki MinajWhen Nicki Minaj fans heard about a concert at Montclair State University, where she was supposed to be performing at, fans began lining up in anticipation.

Fans even began posting twitpics of the line, and the female rapper caught wind of it, and became angry. Why? Because it was a scam by shady promoters trying to make a quick buck off her name.

Nicki took to Twitter to address the fake concert, and promised to handle the situation herself.

“What is this i’m hearing about a MSU [Montclair State University] concert? where and when is this concert supposed to be? i feel so bad 4 ppl who were scammed,” the rapper wrote (@NickiMinaj). “I tell u guys all the time, if u don’t see me tweet about it, its not real. i’m gonna figure out the bastards behind this MSU scam.”

Apparently, the scammers were selling tickets for $40 a pop to non-students. Reports say that Montclair State paid close to $35,000 to the promoter, which Nicki revealed was Romarick Hough of Premiere Talent Agency.

Nicki followed with another few tweets, clearing the air about any upcoming shows fans may have heard about.

“I’m not doing any shows between now and the 22nd of October. When shows r confirmed i’ll let u guys know. I’m sorry,” Nicki wrote. “Wen i find out the person responsible for this MSU scam i’m putting their name on twitter. scamming college kids? go to hell!”

Nicki’s camp says that any shows, and/or confirmed appearances by the rap star would be posted on her official website,

Minaj also announced that on October 30, she will play an official show in Trinidad, where was was born and lived until her move to the U.S. at age five.