Aesop RockPopular indie backpack rapper Aesop Rock recently launched a new website/blog, which he hopes will be a “creative resource for arts, information, and oddities.”

On the new website, called 900 Bats (, the rapper shows his breadth as an artist, via video, audio, art, photos, etc.

In a description wrote underneath it’s logo, 900 Bats says the site is: “In memory of the more than 900 bats needlessly torched to death by renovation works in Jaipur, India’s Bala fort.”

“In an effort to supply a sandbox for what I hope proves to be a multi-farious and growing mix of contributors, I, with the help of Alex Tarrant and Justin Metros, have created,” Aesop Rock said in the site’s first post. Original writing, photography, artwork, audio, and video content from varying sources will be posted regularly.”

The site’s artistic header was created by artist Jeremy Fish (, while Alex Pardee ( supplied its logo.

Contributors for the site so far include: Aesop Rock, Alex Pardee, Alexander Tarrant, Chrissy Piper, Colin Evoy Sebestyen, Coro, DJ Big Wiz, Jeremy Fish, Justin Metros, Kimya Dawson, Nick Flanagan, and Rob Sonic.

To check it out, visit