Will.i.Am Says He Wants To Do Joint Project With Kanye West, KRS-One

Will.i.amThe Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.am is known for experimenting with sounds while creating a new project, similar to what Kanye does when he re-emerges with a new record.

So, why don’t the pair collaborate on a project? If Will had his way, they would.

In a recent interview with HardKnock.TV, the Black Eyed Peas frontman ran through a few names of whom he’d love to record an album with. One of those names were Kanye West, who he says he’d like to work with on a project, similar to what Cee-Lo did with Danger Mouse for their Gnarls Barkley projects.

“I would like to work with Kanye. I think if we came up with a project together — you know, you remember when like Gnarls Barkley and Danger Mouse did that project, and they called it something else? I think if me and Kanye did something together, that would be crazy,” Will told HardKnock.TV from the red carpet of BMI’s 10th Urban Awards earlier this month. “It wouldn’t even have to be called ‘Will and Kanye’, or ‘Kanye and Will’, we could call it anything. I think that would be way out.

“It’d give us a license to do … just creative! No boundaries, no laws, just go out and do things to get applause. That’ll be fresh,” he continued.

Aside from Kanye, Will says an entire album with A Tribe Called Quest would be something he’d be interested in doing. Or, a Native Tongues project. Or, a concept album with the teacher, KRS-One, about their experience … as students at Harvard?

“I’d like to do — ‘Yo KRS, let’s go make a record and go to Havard for a month … take a course … let’s go to Havard for a semester and then make a record off our experience going to Harvard,’ ” Will said of an album he’d do, hypothetically. “Let’s go back to school and then make a record like we students … Why not? Why don’t me and KRS called Take Me Back To School, and we roll into Harvard and do a record like students again?”

“Pow, how you like me now?” he concluded.

While these projects are nowhere near even being talked about, maybe if Kanye or KRS sees this, they may just want to talk him up on his offer.

Stay tuned…

  1. As long he keep making that bullshit B.E.P music..All those projects will NEVER happen…

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