WaleIn his recent cover story for Complex, Kid Cudi called Wale a “simple ass rapper” for a line the DC spitted referencing Cudi’s infamous fan assault in a freestyle.

In response, Wale said the initial jab at Cudi was not meant as a diss, but a metaphor in a rap that Cudi shouldn’t have taken to heart.

“It’s a line, a freestyle,” Wale explained when he called into DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz satellite radio show recently. “I could use your [DJ Drama] name for a metaphor. It’s just a rap. It wasn’t no malice out of it. It is what it is. That’s what rappers do, we make lines. Nine out of 10 rappers wouldn’t take that as a diss.”

The problem is Cudi did, and lashed out at the rapper in his Complex cover story, calling him wack and even accusing him of lying about his relationship with Kanye West, who didn’t contribute any tracks to his Attention Deficit debut album.

“It’s obviously something behind all this,” Wale theorized. “Ye’s a good dude or whatever, but I don’t recall making too much of an effort to work with anybody.

“I’m signed to Roc Nation. It’s great producers. It ain’t really all that deep,” the rapper continued. “This ain’t 2001 where the producer is the end all, be all. People know I’m a hot head, I’ve been a hot head in the past but it’s a change of scenery. The love is in an abundance that it’s never been before.”

Wale continues to stay in the lab. He recently dropped a mixtape frull of brand new music called More About Nothing, featuring the likes of Waka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, Avery Storm and others. Download the tape here, via MixtapePass.com.