Lupe FiascoIn the summer, Lupe Fiasco’s fans launched an online petition asking his label, Atlantic Records, to release his oft-delayed Lasers album. But now, the Chicago rapper is joining the party, announcing that he will protest the label along with fan in hopes of getting a release date for his first album since 2007’s The Cool.

Dubbed “Fiasco Friday,” Lupe and fans will take part in a demonstration outside Atlantic’s New York offices on October 15th in an attempt to speed up the release of the rapper’s new album.

In July, Lupe revealed that Lasers has been completed, but to date, his label has yet to give it a release date.

“It’s one of the sadder parts of being on a major record label. At a certain point, it’s out of your hands,” Lupe said recently. “About a date for Lasers, it’s truly on them. I have no idea what they’re going to do.”

News of the upcoming protest spread among Lupe fans on both Twitter and Facebook, followed by the rapper’s confirmation that he would attend as well.

“#FiascoFriday huh?!?…well if y’all there…I guess I gotta be there too! Ha! Leggo,” he tweeted (@LupeFiasco).

As of Tuesday (September 21), the petition fans launched in July had garnered nearly 30,000 signatures from fans supporting the rapper’s upcoming album.

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