FabolousFabolous is known for his slick jokes on Twitter, at the expense of others’ actions. Apparently, his constant stream of comical commentary has caught the attention of others, specifically the folks at Twitter.

According to TheBoomBox.com, the rapper has been tapped by Twitter officials who want him to pen a coffee table book of his most memorable tweets.

“Someone hit me up and said they work for Twitter and said they think it’d be a great thing for people to have on their coffee table [so guests can] open it up while they’re waiting for something and get to read it,” Fabolous recently told MTV’s RapFix Live.

“I thought it would be dope. But I just have to think now back on who [I talked about because] I’ve seen a few of my trending topics get me in situations.”

In recent weeks, Fab’s funny tweets got under the skin of rapper Soulja Boy who went at the Brooklyn rapper with his own series of tweets, in which he challenged him on the mic and in the streets. Despite Soulja Boy’s threats, both rappers squashed the beef before it turned ugly.

Fab and Soulja Boy wrote it off as a “miscommunication.”

At press time, further details about the Twitter coffee table book were unknown.