Clout x Elm Company x Benny Diar Fitted

Bay Area-based graffiti mag Clout has teamed up with longtime collaborator the Elm Company, graphic designer Sammy Rodriguez and sign painter Sean Barton on a special benefit project for paralyzed graffiti writer and artist Benny Diar.

Those involved have created a special edition limited, fitted hat called “Benny Diar: Death Cheater” to help raise funds for the medical costs, therapy, care and well for the injured artist.

“My name is Benny, known in the graffiti world as Diar. I have been an artist my whole life. I started writing graffiti at the age of 11, and was an active writer until February 2008, when a bad car accident left me paralyzed from the neck down,” Diar said in a statement.

Benny was in a horrific car accident in 2008 that left him paralyzed from the neck down. Medical problems from the accident almost killed him multiple times in the weeks following, but he ended up pulling through. However, since the accident, Benny has had serious medical problems occasionally arise, but his incredible will to live has kept him motivated to live — and he has been working very hard to regain as much of his life and independence as possible. Throughout his recovery, Benny has remained dedicated to art, exploring other mediums, and has since started to use acrylics and paints using his mouth to control the brush.

Clout x Elm Company x Benny Diar Fitted

The “Death Cheater” logo was designed by Sammy and Sean Barton, and on the back of the cap, it features the Benny Diar hand. Underneath the hat is a silver satin lining and a woven original CLOUT logo label with some tape shared by both CLOUT and Elm Company.

To support Benny Diar, cop one of the collector’s edition “Death Cheater” fitteds over at