CymphoniqueCymphonique Miller, the 14-year-old daughter of hip-hop legend Master P, has been tapped as one of the keynote speakers alongside Andrea Wiley, La Tasha Langerston, and Kimberly Callegari, M.D. at a charity event called “From Girlz II Women” in Los Angeles this November.

The event, which is sponsored by the Urban Born Foundation, will focus on the empowerment of women with a message to “empower and prepare today’s Girls to be effective women of tomorrow” — a message shared among mothers, daughters, aunties, nieces, grandmothers and granddaughters, mentors and mentees, girls youth groups and organizations.

“Cymphonique, at a young age, is leading by example that hard work, dedication and commitment results in success. And with that success she generously gives back through donating her time and resources,” says Urban Born founder, Johnel Langerston. “Not only does she make good music for the fans, but she is conscientious of her song lyrics and the effect of the message she sends to young girls that can make a difference and change lives.”

With her new song, “Daddy I’m A Rockstar”, Cymphonique is opening the doors for a new sub-genre she dubs “Hip Rock Pop”, crafting the song with top music producer, Chris Rojas.

“The lyrics are fun, clever and empowering,” adds Langerston.

Here’s just a samples of some of the lines Miller spits: “I get straight A’s from my teachers, read up on my pretty girl swag / I’m more than just a pretty face, listen to me now I’ve got something to say, so open your ears I’m hoping you hear this real clear…”

(Listen to “Daddy I’m A Rockstar” right here )

The upcoming “From Girlz II Women” event goes down on November 6th after Los Angeles’ Chado Tea Room. For more info, visit

Aside from being the daughter of P. Miller (aka Master P) and sister of Romeo Miller, Cymphonique is making a name for herself and creating her own identity in the entertainment industry. She has signed a television deal with Nickelodeon and a recording deal with Sony Music. She’s created a book series to empower young girls called Fabulous Girls, and founded Fabulous Girls Charity to help bring awareness to kids with cancer. Cymphonique is also committed to upholding her honor student status.