The Town movie“The Town” was the talk of the box office this weekend, opening in the top spot with $23.8 million above other new releases such as “Easy A”, “Devil”, and “Alpha and Omega.”

“Town,” the Warner Bros. drama about bank robbers in a section of Boston, stars Ben Affleck who also directed it, alongside Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm and Chris Cooper.

The high-school comedy “Easy A”, landed in second place with $18.2 million. It stars Emma Stone as a smart student who takes pity on geeky guys by letting them say they’ve had sex with her. Eventually she wears this pseudo-promiscuity like a badge of honor.

The Universal thriller “Devil”, about strangers trapped in an elevator, landed in third with $12.6 million; while “Resident Evil: Afterlife” fell from no. 1 last week to no. 4, earning $10.1 million.

The last new film this weekend was the 3D animated “Alpha and Omega,” featuring the voices of Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere and Danny Glover. It opened at no. 5 with $9.2 million.

That wraps things up this weekend. Next weekend, look out for the release the animated “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole,” the comedy “The Virginity Hit”, the much-anticipated “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” and the comedy “You Again.”

This weekend’s top 10 is as follows:

1 – “The Town,” $23.8 million.
2 – “Easy A,” 18.2 million.
3 – “Devil,” $12.6 million.
4 – “Resident Evil: Afterlife,” $10.1 million.
5 – “Alpha and Omega,” $9.2 million.
6 – “Takers,” $3 million.
7 – “The American,” $2.8 million.
8 – “Inception,” $2 million.
9 – “The Other Guys,” $2 million.
10 – “Machete,” $1.7 million.