Vanilla Ice DIY

Vanilla Ice DIYAs we reported back in June, former rapper Vanilla Ice has been heavy in the real estate market for years, dating back to his rap popularity in the 1990s. There was even news of a home renovation series on the DYI network, called “The Vanilla Ice Project”.

It is now set to premiere in October.

Ice has been giving details about the upcoming reality show, which will follow him as he renovates a 7,000 sq. ft. property in Palm Beach, Florida. In a recent interview with the New York Times, he opened up about the property on the show.

“It was a tax-lien property. We auctioned on it. The house, before I even touched it, already appraised at over $800,000, and I got it for $400,000, so I had a lot of room to play with,” the former rapper told the Times about the Florida property. “It was completely gutted — they took every cabinet, every sink, every toilet, every door and door frame.

“It worked out good for me, because it shows really nasty on the show, and then we fix it up amazing. I use a lot of new things in this house that people have never seen in home building before, like ultra-modern, cool, high-tech things that even if you don’t care about Vanilla Ice you’re going to be entertained by.”

As Ice explained previously, he’s been buying real estate since the 1990s when he was on top of the music world. Back then, he bought houses all over the nation … and not just houses, but mansions.

“When I had a lot of money when I was younger, I said — like most rock stars who are young and dumb — ‘Let me go buy a bunch of houses.’ So I bought houses in L.A., in Laurel Canyon right next door to Michael J. Fox; on Star Island, next door to Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith; in Utah; and on Bleecker Street in New York City,” Ice explained.

“Three years went by. I never used any of them, and I thought it was the worst investment of my life. So I said, ‘Let’s sell everything, and I’ll have one primary house here in Miami.’ When I sold them, I made, on each one of them, $300,000 to $400,000. I stopped in my tracks and said, ‘It can’t be that easy.’ But it was.”

Now, the rapper is letting the world see how he handles his not-so-new career — he’s been re-doing homes for 13 years.

On his approach to design, he noted: “You know, it’s not ‘pimp this house.’ I don’t do it that way. I do it with professionalism.”

“The Vanilla Ice Project” will premiere on the DIY network on October 14.